Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Strange things are certainly happening in Italy, it’s a very good time for psychedelic music at the moment with some really cool bands making some tremendous records. Amongst the current crop of great releases is Don’t Look At The Moon, the debut from Plastic Man who are a 60s psychedelia, fuzzed out Nuggets style Garage Rock and punky Power Pop influenced trio from Florence. Label mates of Thee Psychedelicatessen favourites The Vickers, Plastic Man are cut from the same cloth mixing classic influences and modern styles producing songs with a Neo-Psychedelic flavour.
Don’t Look At The Moon is a wonderfully exciting Psych-Pop album and although there are many 60s influences here, this is modern psychedelia. This immediately accessible album is a mix of both vintage retro sounds and more modern snappy Psych-Pop/Garage Rock influences producing a record that blends swirling neo-psychedelia with a tempered, needle sharp pop sensibility. It is tight and very economical; there is no bloated indulgence here with none the songs being much more than 3 minutes long. There are some fantastic songs on Don’t Look At The Moon……….Driven by a monster bass line, ‘North Polar Land’ is 2 minutes 45 seconds of Psych-Pop bliss with guitars drenched in reverb and a massive chorus while ‘Rolling Machine’ is a high energy Garage Rock wig out with some really epic drumming. The albums stand out track must be the acid scorched ‘Needle Point’…… pastoral mellotron sounds and fuzzed out guitars crash together, this is where the 60s collide with now, falling somewhere between the foggy psychedelic haze of early Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett and an energetic up-to-date Garage Psych sound of bands like the Black Angels.
Now available on Black Candy Records, you can check out Don’t Look At The Moon either at the Plastic Man Bandcamp page http://plasticmanband.bandcamp.com/album/dont-look-at-the-moon where you can purchase the download or buy the CD via the Audioglobe website.


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