Friday, 9 October 2015

THE LYSERGICS – THE LYSERGICS (Clostridium Records LP, D/L, CD).

Ladies and gentlemen………….The Lysergics; the hippest, trippiest, grooviest sound of 1967 swinging London. Massively inspired by the kaleidoscopic swirl of the sound of 1967 psychedelia and the vibe of Carnaby Street, The Lysergic brew up a potent blend of vintage psych and further out sounds influenced by early Pink Floyd, Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Who, Small Faces, The Pretty Things and the less well known psychedelic bands of the 1960’s such as Tomorrow, July, Kaleidoscope and The Misunderstood. Formed in 2007, The Lysergics have performed at many well-known venues in London such as the 100 Club, the Borderline, the Dirty Water Club, the Monarch, the Camden Underworld, Big Red and have toured extensively abroad in Italy and Germany. The Lysergics have shared the stage with legendary and current acts on the psychedelic scene such as The Fuzztones, The Deviants, Vibravoid, Giobia, The Hangee V and former Pretty Thing and Pink Fairy John ‘Twink’ Alder where they were his backing band.

The Lysergics fantastic debut album sounds as if it has been flung 50 years forward by some kind of snafu in time and space……….that can be the only explanation for having a drum solo on a record in 2015. Following the same path as bands like Vibravoid, this band really know their psychedelia and can mix up swinging 60s Freakbeat instrumentals (‘Unfaithful’) with 15 minute tripped out tunes (‘Julie’s Glance’) and covers of seriously obscure singles (’10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box’ originally by The Aquarian Age…..aka Twink and Junior Wood from Tomorrow). Opening with ‘Blue Lines Splashing Orange’, The Lysergics open up a box of swirling psychedelic delights of Eastern style drones, fuzzed up Acid Rock wig-outs, liquid sunshine pop and groovy floor fillers. The band certainly live up to their name, seeped in the essence of The Summer Of Love, tracks like ‘On The Water’ mix Eastern promise with acid fried West Coast freakouts. There is nothing really original here but that’s not the point, The Lysergics have curated an album that is way more than the sum of its parts and it’s the sound of a band on top of their game taking in obvious influences but twisting them into new interesting colours………… It’s a great little record chocked full of cool tunes that never disappoint and a must listen for fans of vintage Psych.

The Lysergics' debut album was released in 2014 for digital download and is available from their Bandcamp page at The vinyl is out now on Clostridium Records and can also be ordered from The Lysergics website at!album/c61v. You can also pick up a CD directly from the band via their Facebook page.



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  2. Thanks for giving us a great review! Spot on! Yes true we are not creating anything original while hoping not to rip anyone else off. We just hope to revive psychedelic music from the 60s/70s as we simply just love it!! Same as a classical musician may be really into only music of the Renaissance period. Sarah x

    1. That's what I thought from listening to your record. You really love your 60s/70s Psych and have totally immersed yourselves in it. We know where you are coming from......we are also Psych obsessives and love your album. Luv from Thee Psychedelicatessen x