Saturday, 13 October 2018


Again summoning the sounds of a bygone Psychedelic era, Finnish heads Octopus Syng are back with a sensitive and melancholic record that, like its predecessors, draws on the spirits of Syd Barrett and early Floyd for inspiration. Victorian Wonders is a LP of contrasts, in parts dissonant and eerie and in others whimsical and diaphanous, slowly drifting through a ethereal netherworld of deep dreams. It’s quite a trip……………stoned immaculate and strangely strange, Victorian Wonders is a baroque Psych Pop opus reflecting a shimmering image of the bucolic, heady days of late 60’s gentle British psychedelia, mixing the kaleidoscopic swirl of lysergic awakening with hues of beautiful pastoral Acid Folk. For those of you that know the label, this is another Mega Dodo release celebrating “thee psychedelic” in it’s purest form.

It’s a luscious experience. Gloriously unhurried, Victorian Wonders unfolds in a hazy journey through the psychedelic with previously hidden colours emerging on each listen. Seeped in the mystical world of ancient British psychedelic explorers that was rediscovered by the first wave of wide eyed acid dandies, Octopus Syng skillfully create a blend of haunting soundscapes and tripped out tunes from a mythical British Empire and way beyond channeling the vibrations of a turned on Albion circa 1967 with a strange brew of more modern Psychedelic sounds. The dreamy ‘One Day At The Amusement Park’ eases the listener into the psychedelic world of Octopus Syng, with songs a seamless sequence of sensations flowing through the record. Scattered among the deep psychedelia there are moments of sparkling Psych Pop adding brilliant contrast to the shade…………. ‘If You Were A Flower’, ‘Go Away Damn Raindrops’ and ’Roundabout’ are in essence “classic” Psychedelic Pop songs (the kind that turn up on 60s BritPsych obscurities compilations), however Octopus Syng’s thing is then to totally drench their songs in the “acid experience” with sweetness and light coated with a glaze of weird and abstract as they drift in and out of focus. For fans of the very trippy 60s Psych/Acid Folk bands, Victorian Wonders is well worth your time. Another great record from Mega Dodo.

Due for release 09/11/2018, Victorian Wonders is available to buy as a limited edition (300 copies) purple vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve or on CD from all the best record emporiums and on line merchants…………or directly from the good folk at Mega Dodo.