Saturday, 11 April 2015


More interesting sounds from Italy………. Falling somewhere between Mogwaiesque Post Rock and the more somnolent sounds of Sigur Ros, Gemini is the debut album from Sicilian quartet Good Morning Finch. There is nothing on this record that is pushing the envelope with its mix of “quiet, loud, quiet” song structures and woozy soundscapes but nevertheless there are some great songs that hint of the promise to come as the band evolve from a raw Post Rock band into something much more thrilling. Gemini has the feel of a band in transition as Good Morning Finch move towards a more Dream Pop influenced sound, even though there are some fantastic noisy Post Rock tunes like “Atomite” and “Cane”, it is the longer tracks that are more interesting as they give the band more space to explore and experiment…….”Copenhagen”, “Malia” and the album’s title track are all excellent, plus bonus points for not singing in English as it really adds to the atmosphere of these songs.
Gemini is available as either a “name your price” download and also as a limited edition CD from the band’s Bandcamp page .……..there is no doubt a massive Sigur Ros influence on this record and if that kind of sound is your thing we recommend that you check this out.


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