Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Thee Psychedelicatessen DJs team up again with BigJaf.Net’s resident Psych-Head Geoff Leppard for FURTHER TRANSMISSIONS FROM THE PSYCHEDELIC BASEMENT, 3 hours of Psychedelic madness broadcast at 8pm GMT on www.mixlr.com/wwwbigjafnet this Saturday (7th November 2015).

We consider Psychedelia to be a broad church (with shards of coloured light illuminating the congregation, shining through a massive stained glass window depicting the young, beautiful Jim Morrison in a Christ like crucifix pose) and have put together a show that we feel reflects this. We have mixed together 3hrs of Swedish Shamanistic groove, German Space Rock, Californian cosmic jams, neo-Krautrock, early 70s Psychedelia, Acid Rock freak-outs, Psychedelic World Music, Prog/Psych from the festival freakscene, twisted Folk and other great Psych Rock out-thereness for your delight and delectation.

The full track-list is…………
Goat - Talk To God
E GONE - Reach The Summit, Egg
Electric Moon - Hypnotika
White Manna - Beta Travellers
Farflung - Endless Drifting Wreck
Zone Six - Love Monster
Birthcontrol - Gamma Ray
Julian Cope - Poet Is Priest


Khun Narin - Show Wong Khun Narin #3
Al Lover - Brian Jonestown Masochist
Pink Floyd - Obscured by Clouds
Hidria Spacefolk - Jahwarp
Quantum Fantay - Agapanthusterra
OzricTentacles - Sploosh
Devendra Banhart - Long Haired Child
High Tide - Death Warmed Up
First Band From Outer Space - Mean Spacemachine
Hawkwind - Master of the Universe
Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound- The Slumbering ones
35007 - Crystaline
Füxa – Cheree

We hope you can join us and will dig the sounds we have put together for this broadcast. If you miss the show Grip Of Delusion Radio will be broadcasting the whole thing the next day………More details to follow regarding times and on other sites where you can find this show to listen to at a later date

TURN ON, TUNE IN……………………………………….TRIP OUT.

YOUR BAND HERE?????? – We have been introduced to many of the great bands included in this broadcast by the artists or labels sending us CDs of their albums. If we like tracks and can find a way of fitting it into a Psychedelic Basement broadcast there is a very good chance of music we have been sent being included in future broadcasts. Please contact us at theepsychedelicatessen@gmail.com for our postal address. 

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