Tuesday, 21 June 2016

THE HIGHER STATE – VOLUME 27 (13 O’Clock Records LP, D/L).

Strange things are happening…………After nearly a decade of releasing top quality 1960’s American Garage/Psych influenced tunes, English Acid Dandies The Higher State return with an new album which is possibly their best to date. Released on Texas label 13 O’Clock Records, Volume 27 is a swirl of Byrdsian Jangle Pop, Garage Psychedelia and lysergically altered 60s Folk Rock which vibrates with the authentic grooviness of a rave up at the Whisky A Go Go circa 1967. Although the music is rooted in the past, lyrically The Higher State address the state of the modern world with songs about liars, frauds and fools amongst the thrilling jangle of Rickenbaker guitars, fizzing Farfisa organ and groovy drumming, creating a modern psychedelic masterpiece.

Opening with the big and beaty ‘Long Someways To Go’, The Higher State pull no punches as Volume 27 pulls you directly into their furiously spinning Psychedelic vortex. Mixing together the classic sounds of 60s Garage Rock (our favourites being ‘The Worst Of Their Treason’, ‘Forest Through The Trees’, ‘Killing Me Inside’ and ‘Smoke And Mirrors’) with more reflective Psych/Folk jangle on tunes such as ‘When We Say’, ‘Pretending I'm Dead’ and ‘Tomorrow You'll Find Today, The Higher State tear through twelve tracks of sharp, tight, fuzzy Psych Pop which all have the feel that they are previously undiscovered 60s gems. Suffice it to say that this is an undoubtedly brilliant record, absolutely crammed with fabulous songs with no filler whatsoever…………………..a must listen for all the Nuggets/Pebbles heads out there who dig the sounds of The Seeds, The Byrds, Dylan and the Electric Prunes.

Volume 27 is out now on 13 O’Clock Records and is available as a limited edition vinyl run of only 500 copies or as a digital download. It’s selling fast but you should be able to get a copy of the LP via 13 O’Clock Records mailorder, otherwise an internet search will point you towards other stockists. A digital download can be purchased from The Higher State Bandcamp page at where there are still a few vinyl copies of the album left, but be quick. Seriously People, you need to check this out.


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