Sunday, 15 January 2017


New from Brazilian underground label Essence Music, the release of some great “lost” tracks from the Kansas City Kosmische/Space Rock band Expo Seventy. Originally recorded in 2012 during the three-week art experience started in Kansas City featuring paintings, sculptures, poetry, plays, films and music from local and national artists called “America: Now And Here – A cross-country traveling dialogue about America through the arts”. Local musician Ashley Miller spearheaded a recording project that featured a handful of local acts to record some music that would be later edited together and released as an album. The project lost funding and the album was never completed, but Expo Seventy were able to record as part of the art experiment and the complete session had been released for the first time. Featuring a rare two drummer line-up of the band piloted by Justin Wright, the America Here & Now Sessions take Expo Seventy further out to the dark edges of the cosmos than ever before.

The America Here & Now Sessions comprise of two long improvised tracks of transcendent kosmische drones and slow-burn psychedelic magnetism (with a third much shorter bonus track on the CD).  Freely touching distant, dark corners of the cosmos where the sun shines timid, the band slowly builds two long movements of truly mesmerizing, free-form quality that propels the listener even higher to maximum altered state of consciousness. The first side of the album (the ‘First Movement’) is a smoldering psychedelic mix of guitar and analog synths that builds into an epic journey to the far side of space. Subtle and measured, Expo Seventy explore the same stars as bands such as Electric Moon and Sun Dial……free form and flowing but never boring. The epic ‘Second Movement’ is a warm, harmonic, meditational analog synth exploration, eventually accompanied by bursting, ritualistic drums and percussion with distorted guitar tones building into an explosive finale of seriously dark psychedelia. It’s a heavy trip People.

The America Here & Now Sessions are out NOW and available from the usual on-line distributors of heavy Space Rock and twisted Psychedelia…………….and your local, proper clued up Head Music emporium. Released as an LP on black vinyl (or special edition gold vinyl) and CD in very limited numbers, copies are also available from the Essence Music Bandcamp page where you can also buy the digital download.

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