Monday, 29 May 2017


New from Heavy Psych Sounds, a stunning return to form from L.A. Space Rockers Farflung……..“Imagine, if the bastard child of Amon Düül II and Hawkwind arose from the ashes of America, stark and glimmering, bathed in the energetic glow of the Stooges”……….Following the lumpen heavy Stoner Rock of the disappointing 5 (which included an ill-conceived cover of Human League’s ‘Being Boiled’), the Unwound Celluloid Frown EP evokes the early Farflung albums of swirling, Hawkwind influenced Space Rock such as A Wound In Eternity and 25,0000 Ft Per Second. Mixing gargantuan riffs with more trippy, atmospheric passages, like fellow US psychonauts White Manna, Farflung have taken inspiration from classic early 70s European Space Rock/Kosmische Musik and added a million volts worth of pure Detroit proto-Punk energy to create a new record that is like a pimped, supercharged nuclear powered Star Cruiser heading deep into uncharted space on a full pelt wild ride to the furthest corners of the universe………….Fasten your safety belts, engage your breathing apparatus, it’s a trip and there aint no coming back.

In space, no one can hear you scream………Unwound Celluloid Frown reaches maximum velocity immediately, ‘ You Will Kill For Me’ rips a hole in the cosmos with a massive riff and spiraling synths sounding like Black Flag on acid. The EP twists and turns through 33 minutes of lysergic grooves and slamming riffs, alternating from dark and hypnotic tracks like ‘We Wish For Wounds’ and Axis Mundi to the squalling Space Rock of ‘Silver Ghosts With Crystal Spoons and the holy union of Hawkwind and Neu! On the throbbing title track. After, what we thought, was a huge let down, Farflug have followed 5 with a thrilling new EP of premium Space Rock that ranks among their best releases.

Out NOW on Heavy Psych Sounds, the Unwound Celluloid Frown EP is available on limited edition blue vinyl, regular black vinyl, CD and as a download from the label web store and Bandcamp site here……………… where you can also stream the EP. Also available from the usual on line outlets and your local furry freek vinyl store.

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