Sunday, 20 August 2017


It’s been a while………………….Italian Psych/Shoegaze band Clustersun have returned with their first album since their debut release, Out of Your Ego, in 2014 and during the last three years the band have evolved and expanded their sound quite considerably, moving deeper into a darkly psychedelic narcotic netherworld. Although at their core the early 90s Brit Shoegaze influences remain, Surfacing To Breath has a steely backbone that has more in common with modern psychedelic bands then the fey Dream Poppers still stuck in 1993. Ok, Clustersun are not dragging Psych/Shoegaze to any uncharted wild places and taking a blow torch to the “rule book” as a tick list of the usual 80s Psych tinged Post Punk, Shoegaze, twisted Indie and Psychedelic influences is firmly in place, but with wave upon wave of onrushing distorted, fuzzed out guitars and thunderous drums crashing thru’ your speakers it’s certainly a trip.

Surfacing To Breath is sonically massive with dense layers of sound precision tooled after many nights fine tuning the songs in front of a live audience before hitting the recording studio. It’s the noise a band who are at the peak of their powers as a living, breathing live band make. The songs are tight and stripped of any excess, keeping everything around the 5 minute mark, with the standout tracks having to be the swirling title track, the muscular ‘Raw Nerve’ the Slowdive-esque ‘Don't Let The Weigh of Your Soul Drag You Down’ and the wonderful ‘Event Horizon’. If you are looking for a record that is trying to reshape the future of Psychedelic Rock then you have come to the wrong place (you need the last 10,000 Russos album for that), however Surfacing To Breathe is a carefully crafted modern Psych Rock/Shoegaze album with more than enough thrilling moments to make it worth your while.

Out NOW via Seahorse Recordings, Surface To Breathe is available on Vinyl, CD and as a digital download here..............

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