Saturday, 28 October 2017


Earlier this year Uffe Lorenzen (AKA Lorenzo Woodrose, the frontman of Baby Woodrose) announced that from now on he will be recording and performing under his own name and be singing in his native language, Danish. The first fruits of this change of tack is the new solo album Galmandsværk and although it’s not a radical reinvention of the Baby Woodrose sound, Uffe Lorenzen has not abandoned his Psychedelic roots, it’s quite different from his last record. The last Baby Woodrose LP, Freedom, was one of the angriest records we had heard for quite a long time as Uffe raged against all the injustice in the world, whereas Galmandsværk (which can be loosely translates to “act of madness”) is way more mellow……….. conceived and written over a 10 week period “getting it together” on the small volcanic island Gomera just off the coast of Morocco and predominantly acoustic, with the addition of more “exotic” instruments such as sitar, tablas, bansuri, hurdy gurdy, violin alongside Mellotron, vibes, piano and fuzzed out guitars, pulling in influences as far apart as early 70s Scandinavian Acid Folk to tripped out North African sounds, it’s a more introspective record than anything Lorenzen has recorded before.

Galmandsværk is essentially a beautifully crafted Psychedelic Folk record that has a few minor flashbacks to the squally Psych Rock sound of Baby Woodrose on tracks such as ‘Ridset Plade’ and ‘Sang Om Merværdi’ and although Uffe Lorenzen’s debut solo album is as far away from Baby Woodrose classic records such as Mindblowing Seeds & Disconnected Flowers and Third Eye Surgery as you can possibly get, there is still lots to love here for fans of the band…….Uffe Lorenzen still blows your mind!!! It’s a record that has been described as sounding “as if Baby Woodrose, Spids Nøgenhat and Dragontears merged and turned into something new” as the ten wonderful Psychedelic songs here gently float by. Beautifully sequenced, the record works as complete entity and not just a collection of songs……………….it’s certainly an album that would work with something to smoke. While it is still not known if Baby Woodrose will return with a new record anytime soon, Uffe Lorenzen is finding his own way though the Psychedelic forest, it would be worth your while following as it’s quite a trip.

Due for release 10/11/2017 by Bad Afro Records, Galmandsværk is available on limited edition red or black vinyl, CD and as a digital download with pre-orders now being taken at the Bad Afro web shop and their Bandcamp page here………

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