Saturday, 16 December 2017


Never has an album been so aptly titled………..well maybe not since Man’s 2 Ounces Of Plastic With A Hole In It……….Psychic Lemon’s second album, Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay, contains all the ingredients as described on the tin. Although one member down since their excellent self titled debut, Psychic Lemon have seriously bulked up into something more akin to a cacophonous blend of industrial Space Rockers and squalling Indie Noiseniks. Whereas the debut had a core of early 70s Prog/Psych influences (with lashings of what can only be described as “Jazz Flute”), the new record is a full on assault of screeching guitars ala early Sonic Youth mangled into submission by Andy Briston and Andy Hibberd’s earth shaking bass all propelled by the dynamic drumming of Martin Law, leaving a trail of absolute devastation in it’s wake…………….it’s the evolutionary step of going from banging rocks together to visiting distant galaxies in sleek sliver starships in one single jump and it’s an astounding progression for the band in the space of around 18 months (we must admit when we first gave this a spin we had to double check that it was the new Psychic Lemon album we were playing and had not put another record on by mistake in our stoned reverie).

Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay kicks off with a twisted Latin groove before a ton of guitar swirl drops launching ‘Exit to the Death Lane’ way beyond the pull of Earth’s gravity. Since the release of their debut album, Psychic Lemon have no doubt been digging newer stuff like 10,000 Russos while also revisiting their old Hawkwind, Stooges, Sonic Youth and MBV records and this mixed bag of influences/Inspirations can be clearly heard on the brutal fuzzed up and freaked out ‘Hey Droog!’ and with the demented free jazz Saxophone squall the closes ‘You're No Good’. Before the album winds to a close with ‘Satori Disko’, the penultimate track of Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay has to be the greatest track that the band have put on tape to date. Clocking in at nearly 10 minutes long ‘Interstellar Fuzz Star’ is a complex, shifting Space Rock epic that is as good as anything we have heard all year………after finding their feet with their first record, Psychic Lemon are now going toe to toe with the big boys and not sounding out of place. Due for official release early next year we are not quite sure if Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay is the last great record of 2017 or the first essential album of 2018………………………never the less, this LP is a shoe in for our 2017 Psychedelic Christmas Cracker list coming soon.

Due for release on 12/01/18 pre-orders are being taken now ,with Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay available on vinyl via the German label Tonzonan Records or directly from the bands Bandcamp page here…………………………

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