Monday, 2 April 2018


Plutonium Baby are back with their first record for quite some time on Area Pirata Records, the home of Italian Garage Rock. The band are influenced by the trash aesthetic of Russ Mayer, Troma movies and cult sci-fi films like Liquid Sky along with the stripped back Garage Rock of The Dirtbombs, The Gories, The Screamers and The Sonics and the proto Punk of the Modern Lovers and Velvet Underground among others. Absorbing all these influences, BLAST! Sci-Fi Music For Contemporary Freaks by the trashy Italian Garage/Punk trio comes on like the bastard offspring of an unholy night of sex and drugs and rock and roll between the B52s, CBGBs Blondie, Suicide, ? And The Mysterians, Jay Reatard, Pussy Galore and The Rezillos, raw ,loud, snotty and totally seeped in the classic sounds that define the genre…………it’s gloriously dumb and a ton of fun.

It’s a………erm……total blast as Black Guitarra, from the Rock'n'Roll girl duo Motorama, with Fil Sharp and Feith Da Grave (both from Italian Garage/Punk band Cactus) conjure up a wall of Garage Rock squall with fuzzed up guitars, crashing drums and swirling keyboards, channelling 60s Sc-FI Psych frenzy with songs about universes created to beat boredom, subhuman races, freak twins and psychopathic healers. Plutonium Baby flirt with Garage/Psych, Surf sounds, acid drenched wig outs and Punk Pop in a 30 minute short sharp shot of trashy and electrifying Rock ‘n’ Roll on a 12 track rocket fueled trip to Garageland’s twilight zone where all the freaks get it on. Great stuff………………..primitive Garage Rock at its best.

Out NOW on limited edition vinyl and CD via Area Pirata Records and available from all the usual suspects online or directly from the label. BLAST! Sci-Fi Music For Contemporary Freaks is also available as a download from the Area Pirata Bandcamp page where you can check out/stream/buy the record here………………….

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