Saturday, 23 June 2018


With a swagger that seems de rigueur for NYC Rock ‘n’ Roll bands, Beechwood are back with a new record that cements their reputation of one of best new bands emerging from the Big Apple. Hot on the heels of Songs From The Land Of Nod, a pristine blend of scuzzy fuzzy Garage Rock and 60s inspired pop smarts that mashed together the darkly shimmering Rock ’n’ Roll of the VU with the best moments of the Zombies and Beach Boys, Beechwood’s latest release on Alive Natural Sound, Inside The Flesh Hotel, picks up the threads from the previous record without missing a beat. With a core trash aesthetic that evokes such infamous bands like The StoogesMC5, and the New York Dolls, the trio of Gordon Lawrence (guitar, vocals), Isa Tineo (drums, vocals) and Sid Simons (bass, vocals) have coated their visceral and aggressive Garage/Psych style songs with a Power Pop sheen giving Inside The Flesh Hotel a much more polished sound but without abandoning their sleazy Rock ‘n’ Roll roots. Coupled with more wistful, pop-leaning songs, this record is very much a quintessential New York record where hard edged Rock influences sit side by side with timeless well crafted song writing.

Opening with the electrifying blast of ‘Flesh Hotel’, Beechwood ease into a sinuous Garage/Psych groove that’s not a million miles away from raw and thrilling bands such as Night Beats, The Chesterfield Kings, The Strokes and The Flamin’ Groovies to name just a few. Over twelve great songs, Beechwood pull together sounds from the last 50 years of Garage/Psych/Alt Rock with shades of Bolan boogie on ‘Bigot in My Bedroom’, primitive Stooges riffing on ‘Nero’ and the Country lament of ‘Our Love Was Worth the Heartache’, complementing their solid spine of ballsy Rock ‘n’ Roll. From two-minute pop perfection, to the sound of drug-induced nightmare psychoses, the trio’s music hits you where it hurts.  Beechwood are a unique force in today’s NYC music scene, unparalleled in its straightforward ability to reflect the raw ambition of three individuals, whose checkered pasts have left them with absolutely nothing to lose, but at only 23 years of age. When asked the question, “What would you guys be doing if you weren’t playing music?” the response was clear, “we’d be dead.” There is no “Plan B” for the members of Beechwood........this is it. Confident and assured, this is the sound of band surly destined for bigger things once the word spreads………already tearing it up in the clubs ("Their sound is a classic, hot and sweaty, raw and nasty, rock and roll spirit, that commands the room with a real classic NYC sound." – PANCAKES & WHISKEY), Beechwood are demanding your attention.

Out NOW on vinyl and CD from all the best record stores, the usual on line traders or direct from Live Natural Sound.

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