Sunday, 22 July 2018


Making waves, albeit in a relatively small pond, back home in Finland playing a powerful Krautrock/Punk/Psych Rock hybrid Teksti-TV 666 have set their sights further afield for their second LP Aidattu Tulevaisuus, due for release early September by Svart Records. Following their debut LP 1,2,3, which was a compilation of their first three EPs that fused influences ranging from Heavy Metal and Krautrock to Punk and Shoegaze and was an essential cult artefact for the more discerning record buyer, Teksti-TV 666 are back with a new album that bolts the furious proto-Punk riffing of the Stooges and the Noise Rock of Sonic Youth onto a sturdy chassis of motorik grooves. It’s a thrilling white knuckle ride as the band hurl themselves into a swirling abyss of guitars and relentless forward motion gaining momentum by the second. The band create an infectious Pysch Punk rush that is undeniably exciting even on first listen, as well as pieces that are ambitious, multi-layered sonic assaults that sets Teksti-TV 666 apart from many of their their peers.

Although much more than the sum of it’s influences, Aidattu Tulevaisuus is a very modern album in the sense that Teksti-TV 666 pick’n’mix from a whole shop full of cool sounds but with songs twisted into intriguing shapes and sung in their native language it’s a record that sees the band stamp their own identity on familiar structures. Teksti-TV 666 thing is guitars, loads of ‘em………..recently slimmed down to a line up of only four guitarists, the band construct wave upon wave of loud crashing guitars that builds into an heavy but dynamic, measured, enormous wall of sound. Opening with the brutal, high octane thrash of ‘Turbo-Mondeo’, sounding as if Neu! were conceived as a Ramones tribute band, Teksti-TV 666 tear through 5 tracks in just over 30 minutes dipping and soaring through Ron Ashton-esque riffs, heavy Stoner/Psych Rock and Noise Pop before closing with the mind blowing ‘Katko’. With a running time of close to 10 minutes, ‘Katko’ is the sound that is made when the No-Wave Noise Rock scene from 80’s NYC crash lands in Cologne circa 1972………..with the bottom end held down tight with pulsing bass and propulsive drums, Teksti-TV 666 four guitarists are given space to spark off each other or go spinning off into elliptical orbits, crashing back together for the final few minutes of glorious noise. Teksti-TV 666 may not be doing anything totally original (we past that point quite a while ago) but Aidattu Tulevaisuus is a absolute wild ride of a record and well worth your time if a new band putting a twist on Krautrock/Punk/Psych Rock is your thing.

Due for release 07/09/2018 on either orange, green or blue limited edition vinyl and CD, Aidattu Tulevaisuus is available to pre-order now direct from Svart Records or the usual suspects on line.

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