Saturday, 1 September 2018


High up in their home in the Swedish wilderness, under northern lights, white snow and freezing blizzards, the self titled debut album from UFO Över Lappland was birthed from heavy jams, long motorik rhythm sessions and frantic freak outs during studio time as far back as 2012. It’s blend of sparse spacey drone outs and muscular Krautrock grooves, originally available as a 2016 cassette only release on the tiny Swedish micro boutique label Fluere Tapes, that now gets a full vinyl and CD re-issue with new artwork by the far out folk at Sulatron. It’s a welcome vinyl release of four excellent hypnotic tracks full of powerful rhythms, spacey sounds, pulsing bass, and tripped out guitars by a band that up to now have………erm………been flying well below the radar.

Easing into the glacial kosmic opener, ‘Keep On keepin´ On Space Truckin´’, UFO Över Lappland effortlessly mix the driving relentless rhythms of Neu! with bubbling synths and languid guitar…………it’s not pushing at the boundaries of Psychedelic Space Rock, treading a well travelled path but it grooves beautifully on the very edge of a hazily narcotic state of mind. The first side of the disc closes with the more experimental improvised deep space jam of ‘JaEDeJaE’ before we hit the mind blowing second side of this record. ‘Podzol’ is a instant stoned immaculate classic……beaming signals back to earth from a far distant galaxy, the track builds on layers of hum and static surfing the space waves before bursting into shards of fuzzed out guitar noise and raw primal energy before we loose the transmission. ‘Nothing That Lives Has....Such Eyes’ is just as good, a slow burning kosmische journey where no turn is unstoned until crashing into the heart of an exploding sun burning white hot. UFO Över Lappland is easy companion next to the likes of Electric Moon, Sherpa and Sun Dial in the rest of Sulatron’s excellent Acid/Kraut/Space/Psych Rock releases over the last few years and is well worth your time for side two alone. The CD release comes with a bonus track ‘Lemmy On The Beach’ where the clue is really is in the title………it’s a swirling bass heavy tune that sounds like Hawkwind’s stoner starship crash landing in Dusseldorf circa 1973. You can check the album out here…………..

Due for release 21/09/2018 on limited edition white vinyl (500 copies) and on CD, available to pre-order from the usual groovy online traders or direct from Sulatron.

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