Saturday, 30 May 2015


More strange things from the burgeoning Italian Garage/Psych scene…….. There must be something in the water (????), the amount of really great new bands that hail from Italy is astounding.

First up is a fantastic new record from Big Mountain County (BMC) who play wild and dirty psychedelic Rock n Roll and the bands debut album, Breaking Sound, is nine tracks of some of the best Psych Rock we have heard all year. BMC have assembled all their really cool influences on one record, while the title track is a very groovy slice of psychedelic Surf Rock much of this record has a 80s Paisley Underground vibe where the best 60s psychedelia was infused with a Post Punk sensibility……..’I'm Satisfied’, ‘About A Clown’, ‘What Do You Think?’ and the epic ‘Farewell’ all have the mood of the early Rain Parade/Dream Syndicate recordings. There is also a big late period Velvet Underground influence (when they were more of a straightforward Rock ‘n’ Roll band…..John Cale had left the band taking with him his avant-garde weirdness and Nico had moved on a few years earlier taking with her…..erm...weirdness) both ‘1945’ and ‘Make a Move’ have a Lou Reed feel about them. This is a truly great psychedelic record and we recommend you check it out……there is a lot to love here.
Breaking Sound is currently available as a download from either iTunes or the BMC Bandcamp page…..check it out here out the Gas Vintage Records online store for a copy of the CD.

Sinking In Your Sea is the second full length album from fuzzed up psychedelic Garage/Punk trio Go!Zilla, with a sound finely honed from a ton of touring over the last few years. Taking inspiration from the classic 60s “Nuggets” bands, late 70s Pop Punk and 90s Grunge bands, Go!Zilla are kindred spirits with bands like Thee Oh Sees, Night Beats, Apache Dropout and White Fence, playing the kind of explosive music that that would have come out of Seattle circa 1991 if powerful hellucigenics had been the drug of choice and not smack and cheap speed. Finely balanced between blistering guitar rock and mind bending psychedelia, Sinking In Your Sea has been described as “Grungedelic” and as stupid as a genre name this sounds it is actually weirdly correct……… there is nothing startlingly original going on here but it is a really good record nevertheless, think twisted Mudhoney but nowhere near as angsty. The two outstanding tracks here are a couple of the more subtle psychedelic tunes…… ‘Looking In The Mirror’ has a groovy Nuggets/Pebbles 60s feel to it and ‘Xilitla’ is a far out, bendy mind fuck that is no doubt one for the heads.
 Sinking In Your Sea is out now on Black CandyRecords (Italy) and available from the Go!Zilla Bandcamp page on either vinyl or CD………Check it out here This record has also had a limited release in France on Beast Records, on Lolipop Records and GNAR Tapes in the USA and by Algo Records in Chile……..we suggest you check these labels websites or your local record emporium for availability.


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