Sunday, 17 May 2015

E GONE – ALL THE SUNS OF THE EARTH (Sunrise Ocean Bender Records LP, D/L / Deep Water Acres CD). E GONE – SMOKEDIVER EP (D/L).

We must admit that we have been slow on the uptake here……released towards the end of last year the excellent album All The Suns Of The Earth by E GONE (the solo project of Daniel Westerlund from the now disbanded Swedish psychedelic Folk Rock group The Goner) has only recently been bought to our attention by the good folk at Sunrise Ocean Bender records. We have been catching up on an eclectic record mixing psychedelic electric sitar headswirlers, Post Rock synth drones, far out Psych Rock and gentle Acid Folk……trying to tie Daniel Westerlund down to only one genre is somewhat akin to trying to herd cats, once you think you have got this record sussed it then goes hurtling off on another strange tangent. It’s a great record and well worth checking out.

All The Suns Of The Earth is still available in a limited number of white vinyl pressings from the Sunrise Ocean Bender online store…….the digital download is also available from their Bandcamp page. You can get the CD version from the Deep Water Acres website

While we wait for a new full album from E GONE there is some new music available…….The 3 track Smokediver EP has just been released and is available from the E GONE Bandcamp page. The first track ‘Decapitating A Friend In Varanasi’ is a total psychedelic headswirler full of Eastern promise…….it’s a tune direct from a 60s spy caper movie, where the cool superspy rocks up at a groovy party held at the villains psychedelic ice palace in the Himalayas. The next two tracks are ‘Decapitating A Friend In Varanasi’ reimagined and twisted into strange forms, ‘Smokediver I’ is a modern psychedelia deconstruction of the tune….. Daniel Westerlund unleashes his secret Shaman, the strange magic of hypnotic loops and drones induce a trance like state where Nirvana is just a touch away. The most interesting track is ‘Smokediver II’ which takes the tune in a more Ambient Dub direction……….mixing an Indian vibe and dialogue samples with a dub sensibility and driven by pulsing synths and drums this has a feel of the kind of tunes that Nation Records used to put out in the early 90s (Loop Guru and Transglobal Underground particularly come to mind)…….This is Whirled Music at its best.
This is a great little EP and is available as a “name your price” download from the E GONE Bandcamp page….check it out here .


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