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Friday, 18 September 2015

COMASUMMER - OUT OF THE SUN EP (Custom Made Music Cassette, D/L)

Strange things are happening in Bulgaria………Out Of The Sun is the debut EP from Comasummer, a five piece Neo-Psychedelic band from Sofia who mix hook laden Indie smarts with the hallucinogenic swirl of Doorsy organ and very loud Rock guitar.
This is a fantastic little EP and there are some very cool things happening here………….Comasummer are an intriguing mash up of an acid fried Garage Rock band fused with something far heavier (for example ‘Rental Kisses’ is Garage Rock on steroids). There are some great songs on this 6 track EP, the title track and ‘Hurricane Love’ are particularly good, with the stand-out track being the bluesy ‘The Trickster’ which is full of sweet harmonies and has an early 70s hard rock groove. Out Of The Sun is well worth a listen if you like your Psychedelia a bit harder and your Indie Rock a bit further out.
Out Of The Sun is available to download from the Comasummer Bandcamp page and at the end of this month it will receive a limited cassette release (50 copies) from Custom Made Music.


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