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Monday, 7 September 2015


More strange things from Italy………Coming to you from the New Model Label is Furfuzzy/Furflies, a split 7” single from two great bands, Unmade Bed and LipsAgainst The Glass. Unmade Bed come from a more psychedelic and Post Rock background, having opened shows for artists like Robin Guthrie, American Music Club and Jennifer Gentle, while Lips Against The Glass are a minimal electronica/experimental duo who have  gained a reputation for their remix work and providing live soundtracks to classic silent films (they have presented live soundtracks for Cecil Hepworth’s 1903 movie Alice In Wonderland and “Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari” by Robert Wiene, in both clubs and museums).
The concept of the two bands doing split single together is to highlight the similarities of the music they both make although they are essentially coming together from two different directions, both tracks are totally psychedelic but in their own way. The A side of the single (the “Furfuzzy” side), ‘The Big Sleep’, is a fantastic slice of sparkling psychedelia from Unmade Bed, ethereal guitars gently swirl around clattering drums as the track slowly builds and then drifts back into the haze it emerged from. The flip side (“Furflies”) features the Lips Against The Glass dark, psychedelic minimal Electronica/Shoegaze tune ‘Only To’ which blends beats, bass and looping guitars to great effect. The digital download includes a further four tracks…..Unmade Bed contribute one track, ‘Dillon Haunted The Night’, which is another excellent psychedelic slowburner in the same vein as ‘The Big Sleep’. There are two additional tracks from Lips Against The Glass (‘Blue Circles’ and ‘Not/Only’) and a final track which is a collaboration between both bands and is from the Cecil Hepworth Alice In Wonderland project……these are all haunting, stripped back, minimal tunes that bring to mind early Sigur Ros and the experimental soundscapes of múm. There are some really interesting things going on here and well worth checking out.
The full digital download is available from both iTunes and Amazon. You can get a copy of the vinyl version (including download code), which is available as a limited edition pressing of only 50 copies, from

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