Wednesday, 24 February 2016


For anyone who thinks that soul is missing from the indie scene, you have just found your band. Taking mindbending genre mashing to another level, early 90s soulful shoegazers The Veldt have returned with a new EP, The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur: The Drake Equation EP, their first record under that name since 1994. Formed by brothers Daniel and Danny Chavis, The Veldt where truly sonically groundbreaking, although fusing rock guitars, beats and soul together had been done before…….check out Tackhead who, featuring musicians from The Sugarhill Gang, recorded one genius psychedelicized record and one indifferent album for On-U-Sound at the turn of the 90s….raised on a diet of gospel, Motown and Pink Floyd, they created celestial music that sounds like a holy union between Prince and the Cocteau Twins. However back in the day The Velt got washed away in a massive tsunami of record company indifference……….they wanted a band that sounded like more conventional black Rock acts such as Living Colour and Lenny Kravitz, whereas The Veldt were more stylistically similar to AR Kane (another massively under rated band from that period). Following a period recording as Apollo Heights, The Veldt are now back and it’s not as if they have changed their sound any………it’s that the world has finally caught up.

The title of the EP was borrowed from an E.E. Cummings poem and its raging sound was influenced equally by the emotional soul of Marvin Gaye, free jazz cosmic explorers Sun Ra and Pharaoh Sanders, various Drake hip-hop tracks, and their own productive electric imagination. The first single taken from the EP is the emotionally wrought ‘Sanctified’, a ballad that perfectly captures the lush sound of Danny’s swirling  guitars and decibel-breaking distortion, along with Daniel’s soulful wail and Hayato Nakao’s deep bass grooves and guitar feedback………. The Veldt take the sweet soul sounds of the Southern states, infuse with dope beats and then bathe the whole thing with blissed out guitar in an audacious mash up of genres that serves as the perfect re-introduction to this dynamic band. The rest of the tracks on this album have a comparable structure………it is absolutely far out and of the newer bands working on the edge of definable genres within the more accessible Indie universe only bands such as TV On The Radio and Yeasayer can come anywhere close. The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur is Psychedelic Soul for the new millennium, it’s the kind of music that Norman Whitfield would be making at Motown if he was operating with a blown mind in 2016 and the only thing getting in way of The Veldt this time round is that if people don’t get it. This record has completely messed with our heads and we can’t wait for the Resurrection Hymns LP which will drop later this year via SonaBLAST! Records.

Due to be released on 18th March and available now to pre-order, available from The Veldt Bandcamp page at where it comes as either a CD or digital download. The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur will also be released on vinyl via UK label Leonard Skully Records. A brilliant record, you really need to check it out………………it will blow your mind People.


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