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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

CIVILIAN ZEN – TELL LIE VISION Deluxe Remastered/Expanded Version (D/L).

Recently landing in our inbox is the newly remastered/expanded version of the 2014 concept album Tell Lie Vision from festival favourites Civilian Zen ….. brought up on the dark Sci-Fi of J.G. Ballard and Moorcock, the bleak comic book writing of Alan Moore and the late 70s Bob Calvert fronted line up of Hawkwind, one of the things us Brits do really well is Post Punk dystopian Space Rock……

Mixing up powerful, driving Space Rock with more translucent, ambient interludes of synth wash, found sound and spoken word (spaceship Zen has its own on board poet), Tell Lie Vision really can’t escape the Hawkwind comparisons. However it’s not the classic early 70s classic line up that everyone cops Space Rock grooves from but the, in our mind, more interesting, lyrically complex version of the band with Bob Calvert, where his vision lead the band away from epic space journeys, burning suns and exploding stars into a more paranoid future of State surveillance, urban breakdown, terror threats and where space travel is a bit shit. This is a totally intriguing album of proggy Space Rock is a must listen for all you Hawkfans and Spaceheads out there. The Deluxe version comes with almost a full album’s worth of extended Dub remixes for the crusty dreads to shake their thang to and get their space skank on at this summer’s psychedelic festivals. Although the actual album is really good, the remixes are fantastic…….very much in the style of modern Dub masters such as The Rootsman, Alpha & Omega, The Bush Chemists, Disciples, The Orb and Dreadzone…….and very psychedelic (we have always thought that Dub is Jamaican psychedelic music). Tell Lie Vision is surly a record made by musicians seriously influenced by the Post Punk alternative scene of the late 70s/early 80s where Space Rock and Dub could happily co-exist in the same headspace. Break out the bong kidz.

The Deluxe remastered/expanded reissue of Tell Lie Vision is available as a digital download from the Civilian Zen Bandcamp page at . Civilian Zen will no doubt appearing at some mind altering, cosmic freakout festival somewhere near you sometime this year.


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