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Friday, 25 March 2016

INTERKOSMOS – HYPNOTIZER (Sulatron Records CD, D/L, Pancromatic Records LP).

Finally receiving a fully mastered release on CD eight years after recording, Hypnotizer by kosmik kowboys Interkosmos is now available from Sulatron Records………and it’s been well worth the wait. Recorded as a series of studio jams with Electric Moon alumni Sula Bassana and Pablo Carneval along with Rip Kc guitarist Sergio Ceballos, after a tiny run of CDr’s sold out almost immediately Hypnotizer was originally only available as a download from Bandcamp and the netlabel Clinical Archives………………fast forward to 2016 and the album has been given a well-deserved official release (it’s a far too good a record to languish in the Sulatron vaults). Mixed by Sula Bassana and mastered by krautrock legend and regular Electric Moon studio wizard Eroc, with new artwork from Komet Lulu and a bonus live track, Hypnotiser is another gem in the Sulatron canon of great releases.

From experience, you know that you can trust Sulatron for quality Psychedelic Rock/Spacerock/Krautrock and Hypnotizer by Interkosmos does not disappoint. It’s an album of sprawling space sounds that tell stories of far galaxies and the goto soundtrack for a journey to the far out vastnesses of the inner cosmos. Less “heavy” than the recent releases from Sulatron, this is a far more psychedelic record where Interkosmos, as if linked by telekinetic energy, drift with the cosmic tides as a single entity. The six original tracks from Hypnotizer are all languid, swirly Acid Rock meditations that ebb and flow , buffeted by solar winds………glacial guitar licks hang suspended while a unobtrusive bass and drums propel the good starship Interkosmos on it’s journey to the stars. From the opening trackLift Off’, this record is a total trip and the work of three skilled musicians who push and prod in thrilling directions until the music fuses single instruments into each other creating a cosmic oneness as the whole album melds together in a near seamless flow of musical consciousness. The bonus live track, ‘Samphonic Trip’, is by the second line up of Interkosmos which saw Sula Bassana take over guitar duties when Sergio Ceballos returned to Spain …………….this track has more in common with the psychedelic squall of cosmic jammers Electric Moon with heavy riffing and swirling wah-wah guitar underpinned by throbbing bass and thunderous drums pushing the track to an explosive ending. Break out the bong Spaceheads and get yer ears round this truly fantastic record.

The new version of Hypnotizer is out now on Sulatron Records and is available as both a CD and a download. You can get yer paws on the CD (limited edition of 500 copies) at the Sulatron online store and the download is available from the Interkosmos Bandcamp page at There will also be a vinyl release for this record as the Norwegian label Pancromatic will release it as double vinyl (limited to 300 on marbled wax and 300 on black wax) sometime in April. Clear Spot will be distributing the album in Europe so we suggest you check their website for details.

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