Saturday, 9 July 2016


Welcome to tomorrow. Let the sounds transport you into a forgotten world where the future looked different from what it became"…………From the ever pulsating psychedelic brain of Subliminal Sounds label-guru Stefan Kèry comes Hashish, a retro-futuristic mash-up of Psychedelic Rock mixed with Afro Electro/Funk moves and vintage synthesizers that will have your head spinning. The debut Hashish album, A Product Of Hashish, is a kaleidoscopic swirl of the sounds 60s and 70s which combines rippling retro-Funk basslines, Krautrock soundscapes, bubbling classic Sci-Fi Moog sounds and a mutant Psychedelic Disco sheen, creating a shimmering vision of the future first imagined when man first walked on the moon…………in this future Hashish are the house band at the swingingest, groovy nightclub on Mars.

With big sweeping retro synth sounds creating huge soundscapes, Hashish are kindred spirits with the post-Ambient sonic architects that fused 60s Psychedelic Easy Listening Loungecore, the kosmic sounds of Krautrock and Funk with ultramodern beats and Electronica………..the band that most readily comes to mind is the French duo Air whose early EPs have the same vibe as this record, which is very much somewhere between “Quincy Jones In Space” meets a freak-out at the Moog factory. Opening with the sound of waves lapping against a beach, A Product Of Hashish is an atmospheric trip of spaced out wide screen cinematic 60’s/70’s sounds that has been described as “ top class Psychedelia that definitely takes the genre to a new level with a sophisticated approach to an Afro-Funk groove accompanied by dreamy and playful melodies that goes by a spectrum from Scandinavian Occult Psychedelia to Minimal Synth and Surreal Electronic Soul Disco with Rare Groove” and takes a whole bunch of cool influences………’Fly Away’ has a Disco groove which is not a great distance from Saint Etienne at their retro infused best while the immense sounding ‘The Light’ has a taut Funk vibe blended with heavy 60s progressive Space Jazz………….think if Magma ever got funky but still kept their portentous edge. Straight outta the 70s both ‘Outer Spaced’ and ‘Make It’ are vintage Psychedelic Electro Funk retro-futurism work-outs with massive heavyweight synth sounds mixed with lithe backbeats. A Product Of Hashish is totally epic sounding record and an absolute must listen for those of you who like their tripped out 60s/70s Electronica/Cosmic Sounds with a solid Funk backbone…….a highly recommended record for any serious MoogHead.

Originally released on Stefan Kèry’s own Subliminal Sounds label, A Product Of Hashish has been picked up by the Woah Dad! Label for wider distribution. Due for release on 26/8/16, a second pressing of the album will be available from all the usual outlets on limited edition clear vinyl or CD……………………check it out you retro groovers.

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