Monday, 18 July 2016

VIBRAVOID – WAKE UP BEFORE YOU DIE (Stoned Karma LP, Deluxe 2 x LP, CD).

Following the recently released 25 year retrospective, Psychedelic Blueprints, German psychedelic High-Priests Vibravoid return with an album of new material guaranteed to blow your mind. With their patent mix of 60s influenced psychedelic swirl and more experimental spacey explorations, Wake Up Before You Die sees Vibravoid taking up where they left off with their 2013 album Delirio Dei Sensi and continuing their journey beyond the beyond, seeking further highs and revelations with a collection of new studio recordings, some groovy cover versions of classic Psych Pop and recently recorded live tracks.

Opening with the Garage/Psych rush of ‘Alphawave’, there are no radical changes to the psychedelic sounds of Vibravoid……….like the previous records Wake Up Before You Die is still “a massive rave up down the U.F.O. Club circa 1967 which channels the best of early Pink Floyd, July, Tomorrow, Kaleidoscope along with a dash of the classic “Nuggets” bands such as the Seeds and Electric Prunes”…………fans of the band will not be disappointed. Mixing sitar and fuzz heavy freak outs, such as the face melting ‘Raga Baya’, with the immaculately stoned reverie of tracks like ‘When You Are Dead For One Second’ Vibravoid don’t deviate from their single minded mission to Turn On, Tune In and Trip Out for one moment. Not afraid to show their good taste and influences, Wake Up Before You Die includes three classic covers with Vibravoid taking on Traffic’s “Summer Of Love” acid anthem ‘Hole In My Shoe’ (which features Italian singer Viola Road on guest vocals) along with the much covered ‘(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone’ and a very groovy version of The Seeds ‘Just Let Go’………………In a world where many new bands are channelling post-psychedelic 70s Stoner Rock, Vibravoid are keeping the faith and still have their membership cards for Middle Earth.

Due for release towards the end of September by Stoned Karma Records, Wake Up Before You Die is available in a myriad of different versions with various freebie goodies included………….The vinyl version is available as a limited edition of 500 copies on red/black/white splatter vinyl that comes with a poster, a sticker, a psychedelic power pyramid plus a special art print insert and incense sticks which can be pre-ordered from Stoned Karma Records webstore and should be available from all the groovy distributors, your very cool local vinyl vender and all the usual on-line outlets. There is a limited edition of 350 copies of the deluxe 2 x LP version which includes the splatter vinyl LP plus, on black vinyl, Live At Haus Der Jugend………’s an excellent live album and includes the Vibravoid classics ‘Colour Your Mind’, ‘Playing With Beuys’ and ‘Seefeel’. The CD release also contains the extra goodies plus four live bonus tracks different to the LP and includes a mind bending version of ‘Ballspeaker’ from the album 2001………………..both the deluxe 2 x LP and CD are available ONLY directly from Stoned Karma and can be pre-ordered now, but hurry they are selling like hot hash cakes. Dig it kidz and turn on, tune in and trip out with Vibravoid.

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