Thursday, 4 August 2016

GLOWPEOPLE – FOREVER, UNTIL (Cosmic Primitive Records/Little Struggling Ant Records CD, D/L).

Shropshire stoners Glowpeople return with a new album that can only be described as….erm……“music for horizontal people”. Forever, Until evokes the heady early 90s of Planet Dog and Whirl-Y-Gig with an extremely chilled vibe, mixing a spacey ambience with a solid rhythmic core………more focused and less chaotic than on their previous album, Happen, Glowpeople journey into inner space with eight new fluid explorations into Ambient Dub and Future Funk………..and we want some of what they have been smoking.

Still wonderfully eclectic, Glowpeople are an archetypical Head Festival Band that chuck various musical ingredients into a big pot, let it simmer for while then check how it tastes. The new record takes in Post-Punk Crusty Dub (‘Forever’), squalling Future Funk (‘Tangy Fruit Shoot’), Ambient soundscaping (‘Swamp Doctor’) and mellow Space Jazz (‘Algebra’) as the band constructed improvised instrumentals in the studio but with enough awareness and judicious self-editing to know when to stop………..there are thankfully no drawn-out 45 minute Space Rock jams here. Glowpeople have certainly got a niche appeal to lovers of HeadMusic and are not going to be everybody’s cup of tea as you do have to kinda “commit” to listening……’s useful to have a ready supply of Rizla and Monster Munch on hand as this is certainly a record that makes more sense stoned. However, Forever, Until is a massive step forward compared to the previous records and Glowpeople, with more planned and structured tunes, have the ability to come up with a genius record………..but that would mean leaving off the wacky backy.

Released on the 8th August as a……err…….joint release between our favourite bonkers American label Cosmic Primitive Records (“a record label of chaos and gnarl where time is irrelevant and space is hard to find”) and the Swedish label Little Struggling Ant Records, available as a limited edition CD or digital download………………..the download is available from all the usual online digital outlets. The CD is being distributed in the UK by Steampunk Records and you can get a copy from their on-line store and, of course, you can pick one up at Glowpeople’s many festival appearances/gigs.

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