Tuesday, 13 December 2016

DREAMTIME - STRANGE PLEASURES (Cardinal Fuzz/Sky Lantern/TYM Records 2 x LP, CD, D/L).

Errrr………wow!…….this is good. Brisbane Psych band Dreamtime return with Strange Pleasures, their first album for three years, and it’s absolutely brilliant. Raising their game quite considerably since the second album, Sun, the evolutionary leap that that Dreamtime have made musically since their debut album is akin to going from banging rocks together in the outback to visiting far away galaxies in sleek Star Cruisers. It’s one of the best heavy Psychedelic Rock records we have heard all year, putting the releases from some better known Heavy Psych bands in 2016 to shame. Somewhat hamstrung by being from the other side of the planet, had Dreamtime been from Europe or the America’s and better known, then the Psych Rock fanboys  would be creaming themselves over this band and one of the bigger Indie labels would be picking this up for distribution as the first run of this album is limited to only 500 copies worldwide.

Spread over four sides of vinyl, for their recording of their latest album, Dreamtime went about creating an “imaginary, dream-like sci-fi fantasy film that follows a spirit's journey from the human body through death, mystic rituals, the spirit world, a soul's liberation into the cosmos, multiple  reincarnations, and out into astral journeys and alien encounters”. It's a vivid exploration of euphoric fantasy and paranoid nightmares that is sure to stand as one of the most ambitiously creative projects the international psychedelic-rock scene has seen in many a moon. For intrepid PsychHeads wishing to hitch a ride, Strange Pleasures hits all of the sweetest aural spots: Goat like heavy tribal grooves on the opening track ‘Luminous Night’, laid back Psychedelic Folk which evokes the more mellow moments of Amon Düül II  on ‘River Spites’, propulsive, full-on fuzztone freak  during ‘The Sentient’ and the celestial lysergia of  the album's epic title track, all interwoven together with kosmische analogue synth swirls and space oscillations. Certainly the best album that Cardinal Fuzz have released for quite a while, check it out People…………… will literally blow your mind.

Out NOW on 2 x LP via Cardinal Fuzz in the UK and Europe, Sky Lantern records in the USA and TYM Records down under and available from your friendly freaked out fuzz emporium and the usual online Psych sellers. Also available from the Dreamtime Bandcamp site where the vinyl is available alongside the CD and digital download here.............


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