Sunday, 9 July 2017


Strange things are happening in South America……………Outta Uruguay come one of Fuzz Club’s latest signings, the fuzzed up and freaked out boy/girl duo Las Cobras. Psychedelia has always been deeply ingrained in South America's culture and history, harking all the way back to the 1960s with the politically charged Tropicalia movement. Things are no different now either; it’s host to a wealth of great bands such as Follakzoid, Boogarins and The Holydrug Couple, to name just a few, and with their debut album Temporal, Las Cobras can be added to this list. It’s a totally mesmerising journey through warped synths, tropicalia percussion, lysergic bass-lines, smoky vocals and chiming, fuzzed-out guitars, influenced as much by Psych/Rock 'n' Roll greats such as BJM and Suicide as it is wildly immersed in the lysergic sounds of Psychedelic South America.

Driven by fuzz bass and the kinetic rush of a hot wired drum machine, the songs on Temporal pull together Las Cobras wide range of influences, from the hazy swirl out of ‘Dark Waves/Beating Hard’ to the Tropicalia flavoured,dreamy title track the duo of Sofía Aguerre and Leandro Rebellato explore their unique vision of Psych Rock filtered through the lens of traditional Latin American sounds. At times the album is a joyous head rush akin to Os Mutantes at their best, and at other times the luscious kaleidoscopic elements are dropped in favour of a more darker, sinister, fuzz fest propelled by motorik  percussion with distorted guitars, foreboding bass lines and enthralling harmonies from both Sofia and Leandro. It’s experimental in the sense that Las Cobras are still trying to pin down their “sound” and having a blast trying to figure out what works the best…………..’Nothing Against You’ has the vibe of The Kills on a serious downer while ‘So Much Love’ is a brutal, bass heavy, echo laden sonic assault and sees the band dive into darkly enticing psychotropic waters. For a debut album from a band that only formed a mere 12 months ago it’s way better than could be expected and gives the perfect insight into the mystical, all-encompassing sounds of Las Cobras. We can’t wait for this band to seriously get there shit together and unleash what they are really capable of…………….it’s gonna blow minds.

Temporal is out NOW on Fuzz Club records as a limited pressing of 300 copies on coloured vinyl and available from all good record stores and on line outlets, with copies still available to buy direct from the Fuzz Club shop or their Bandcamp page at where you can also stream the album.

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