Saturday, 29 July 2017


As one of the more hallucinogenicly warped bands to emerge from the thriving Italian Psych Rock scene, the Italian duo of Andrea Bellentani and Simon Maccari have been exploring the darker side of the Psychedelic Experience since 2001 as The Diaphanoids. Fuzzed up and re-toxed, The Diaphanoids return with a new album of their very own sleazy, iconic brand of psychallucisergic rock. Released by People In The Sky Records, Blessed Poisons follows their previous releases, 2008’s dreamy retro-inspired Astral Weekend and the 2014 follow-up, LSME. which blended together 70’s cosmic flavours, fuzzed-out guitars and motorik beats, as the final story in this epic trilogy that has travelled through inner and outer space, alternate dimensions and realities in a highly altered state of mind. Stoned immaculate, Blessed Poisons is the sound of transcendent visions, of scarves drenched in oils, blood full of fractured rhythm, translucent guitars and acid drenched vocals blasted through the kaleidoscopic prism of a blown mind.

Opening with the cacophonous head rush of the albums title track, Blessed Poisons is a full-throated battle cry from the Psychedelic Underground. From tracks such as ‘Too Many Stars And Not Enough Night’, with its ecstatic floating guitars and shimmering keyboards, to the smacked-down drums and hashed-up guitar solos of ‘Iconize Yourself’ the album oozes hallucinatory rage echoing out into a dead, empty reality. It’s modern Psychedelia at it’s best, deconstructing tripped out influences from the last 40 years, pulling together the lysergic proto-Punk of Suicide and Chrome, 70s Krautrock, Neo-Psychedelic 80s Post Punk, swirling Shoegaze and experimental soundscaping The Diaphanoids have created a record that is reassuringly familiar while pulling Psychedelic Rock well out of it’s comfort zone into uncharted corners of a cold dark universe. One of the most Psychedelic albums released so far this year and well worth checking out.

Blessed Poisons is released 11/08/2017 on CD via People In The Sky. Available from all the best groovy record stores and the usual suspects on line.

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