Friday, 29 September 2017


We were first introduced to Norwegian band Dig Deeper when their politically charged Stars Tonight EP landed in our inbox a few months back. Hot on the heels of the EP release comes a new album, In Central European Time, which sounds just like the missing link between Neil Young & Crazy Horse and the 13th Floor Elevators. Heavily influenced by guitar driven Alt Rock/Americana and 60s Psychedelia, the Dig Deeper sound, with its spacious, long layered grooves and chiming guitars, is succinctly described by the band as “Norwegian Road Rock”. Sinuous guitars lines twist around dynamic drums and supple bass as songs of escape, distance, travel, identity, loss, and the search for freedom unhurriedly unfold behind singer Einar Kaupang’s heartfelt words.

In Central European Time is a concept album of sorts with six longish tracks telling the story of life as a refugee; the risk, the journey, the expectation and the sad conclusion of often being met with hostility by the rest of the world. Both heartbreakingly beautiful and strangely tripped out, it’s a record that tells stories in the tradition of American Alt-Country but from a European perspective. There is desperation to be found running through ‘How Can I Be Certain’ and ‘Stars Tonight’, peril in ‘Don’t Ask Too Much’, unfulfilled dreams in ‘Hey’, a story about the day everything changes on ‘The Ticket’, and on album closer ‘Sky Brown Sky’ we’re met with a tale about being confronted by a closed and hostile world. It’s also a great guitar record infused with a prominent Psychedelic sensibility……….Country Rock meets twisted West Coast Psychedelia head on with ‘Sky Brown Sky’ being a massive 10 minute Psych Rock wig out as soaring fuzz and reverb drenched guitars dance to the death. In Central European Time is well worth a listen if you like your Americana a bit messed up and dig stuff like Roky Erickson, Magnolia Electric Co., The Byrds, Son Volt, Dream Syndicate, Drive-By Truckers and Green On Red……………it’s like having your whiskey spiked with L.S.D.

Due for release 07/10/2017 via Alien Agency, In Central European Time is available on vinyl only and should be available from the usual on line retailers and all the best vinyl stores.

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