Thursday, 28 September 2017

ZONE SIX - ZONE SIX (Sulatron Records LP, CD).

One from the Sulatron archives………………….evolving from the German Psychedelic Rock band Liquid Visions, Zone Six were only meant to play one show and split up. Here we are 20 years later and they are still recording and playing live (when Sula Bassana’s commitments to Electric Moon allow) and to celebrate band’s 20 years anniversary the Zone Six self titled debut gets a long overdue reissue. Originally a very limited cassette edition in 1997 before being issued as a CD only release by Early Bird records in 1998 is now available on vinyl for the first time ever.

Taken from the master of the original cassette (sans the vocals added for the CD release) and sprawling over two sides of vinyl, the debut Zone Six album is a tripped out, trancey Space Rock improvisation that takes in scorching Acid Rock, spatial Dub and primitive Electronica as it floats gently to the far side of the cosmos. Side One of the record features Hans-Peter Ringholz’s firey Acid Rock guitar improvisations before slowly easing into a spacey dub passage with echoed scattershot Psychedelic guitar and deep space bass to the fore. Side two is even further out, first expanding on the crusty dub grooves that closed side one, mixing in Middle Eastern flavours before collapsing in a glorious lycergic mess of twisted guitars and primitive electronics………it’s a trip People. Raw and with minimal overdubs, the Zone Six debut has matured well with age and holds it’s own when matched up against the more modern Space Rock bands (even though Psychedelic music does seem to exist in a weird temporal stasis where time is a pretty vague concept)……………..although well received by the Psychedelic community on it’s release in 1997, it’s a record that sounds far more relevant today and will now reach a bigger audience of heads that are going to have their minds blown. Well recommended for children of the bong.

Due for release 13/10/2017 on green vinyl limited to 500 copies and also on CD, the Zone Six reissued debut album will be available from groovy record shops, the usual on line sellers and direct from the Sulatron web site where pre-orders are being taken now.

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