Thursday, 4 January 2018


The beauty of a new Causa Sui record is that you are not quite sure what it’s going sound like until it drops. Causa Sui are back with a new mini-LP, Vibraciones Doradas,  the final chapter in a trilogy of sorts, beginning with Euporie Tide from 2013, through Return To Sky from 2016……………….and they have gone proto Metal/Prog Rock on our asses with with their heaviest, most dynamic record to date. Each of these five epic instrumentals is a testament to the fact that Causa Sui have carved out a singular niche for themselves, where vintage Sabbath-isms along with other 70s sounds are filtered through a distinctively post-modern ethos creating a vibrant soundscape that takes in a wide range of influences from each member of the band that are then duly twisted into new forms.

Kicking off with ‘The Drop’ Causa Sui drive a thick John Bonham groove into Can-esque freeform ecstasy before liquefying the groove into a warm ocean of fuzzy shoegazy guitars and wistful synths. It has all the elements of 70s “classic” Rock but bent completely out of shape. On the 11 minute centerpiece, ‘El Fuego’, they create a rushing sonic river of cascading guitars that dip and swirl as the track unwinds, channelling Popol Vuh as much as Palm Desert Stoner Rock. The next two tracks are a contrast between the lush Fripp and Eno-esque soundscaping of ‘Viborera’ and the fuzzed out squall of ‘Seven Hills’ while the closing title track that can only be described as sounding like the Sonic Youth sludge-metal record that never was. Causa Sui's new record conveys everything that's so great about fuzzed-out heaviness, however in stark contrast to the standards of the Stoner/Doom scenes it  manages to be weighty and peaceful at the same moment, forceful, yet vulnerable, ecstatic yet thoughtful. Again, Causa Sui have thrown a gigantic curve ball defying expectations……………..always different, never the same.

Vibraciones Doradas is out now on El Paraiso Records and available on vinyl and CD from all the best record shops, on-line traders or direct from the El Paraiso web store.

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