Wednesday, 3 January 2018


After some excellent self recorded digital releases on their Bandcamp site since 2012, the debut Cold Spells album had been forecast for quite some time. Due for release on the willfully quirky Gare du Nord label early 2018, we can finally expect Cold Spells in February. Enigmatically titled  “- .​.​.​. . / -​.​-​. -​-​- .​-​.​. -​.​. / .​.​. .​-​-​. . .​-​.​. .​-​.​. .​.​.” (AKA The Cold Spells), their debut album has been four years in the making, lovingly handcrafted in East London bedrooms mixing together a very English brand of Psychedelic Folk with gentle Folktronica. It’s a record that sounds simultaneously out of time and timeless.

Sounding not unlike Tunng on a shoestring budget and an acid party at the local folk club, The Cold Spells infuse traditional folk influences with a woozy psychedelic feel enhanced with subtle Electronica and an array of found sounds. Beautifully mellow and serene, tracks such as ‘Wooden Horse’, ‘Roll Me Over’ and ‘Same Old, Same Old’ would not sound out of place on any of the underground Folk compilations from Folk Police Recordings or among the songs from the coterie of talented modern Folk musician’s that were assembled around The Owl Service for their stunning early records from the start of this decade. The album closes with the drop dead gorgeous ‘Maelstrom’ which drags the traditional sea shanty into the now with its mix of glitchy Electronica and minimalism blended with a solid Folk sensibility. It’s a record that would no doubt receive far more attention had it been released a few years earlier at the height of the popularity of Acid Folk/Folktronica, but nevertheless it’s a stunningly beautiful record that fans of bands such as Sproatly Smith, Starless And Bible Black along with the aforementioned Tunng and Owl Service will love………….the Psych Folk Revival revival starts here (maybe).

The Cold Spells debut album is due for release via Gare du Nord Records on 2/2/2018 available on LP and CD from all good record shops or direct from their Bandcamp page where you can also buy the digital download here………..

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