Sunday, 4 March 2018


With a new album on the way, produced by the Cocteau’s Robin Guthrie, there is a wonderfully strange and beautiful EP from Heligoland for you to check out. Working at the margins of Dreampop/Shoegaze and Post Rock, Heligoland’s music is characterised by expansive, layered arrangements and the soaring vocals of Karen Vogt and has been described as a combination of “the emotive ethereality of The Cocteau Twins with the stark balladry of Low which perfectly encapsulates the glacial beauty of the Coriallo EP. Featuring five shimmering songs that embody the fusion of “post-rock soundscapes with ambient textures and drone laced melodies” that Heligoland have built their reputation on, Coriallo is there strongest release to date and will leave fans of the band eagerly awaiting the release of the new LP.

With echoes of Slowdive at their most ethereal, the Coriallo EP is the perfect blend of ambient soundscaping and Alt-Rock stripped down to it’s purest essence. Having more in common with the late night ambiance of modern Post Rock influenced Americana than the squall of MBV and The Jesus & Mary Chain, Heligoland are taking Shoegaze far into uncharted lands. With Alt-Country guitar textures swamped with reverb, the opening track ‘Ełk’ and the crystaline ‘Anavo’ sound something not unlike The Cowboy Junkies from another planet……….elegantly minimal with Karen Vogt’s vocals surrounded by a swirl of guitars the songs sparkle before slowly leaving a diminishing vapor trail. With every play of the EP uncovering more and more subtle textures, Coriallo is stunningly beautiful and essential listening to any fan of quality Shoegaze and atmospheric American Alt-Rock.
Out NOW on limited edition CD and download via the Paris based boutique label Commission 45, you can check out/stream/buy the EP here……………

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