Thursday, 29 March 2018

THE SCRUBS - SKULLS AND DOLLS (Area Pirata Records CD, D/L).

New from Area Pirata Records, the home of Italian Garage Rock, comes the debut album from fuzz fans The Scrubs. Rooted in classic Garage/Punk, The Scrubs effortlessly mix together 60s Beat and Garage influences with an harder edged 80s Punk Rock snarl to create a very modern sounding Rock n Roll record that pulls together groovy, Nuggety retro vibes and electrifying punky riffage in a mess of sound that just don’t quit movin’ your feet. Touching base with fuzzed up Garage/Punk greats such as the Flamin’ Groovies, The Damned, The Fuzztones, The Sonics, The Gravedigger Five and The Stooges among others, The Scrubs prove that primitive wild and raw Garage Rock never ages, adhering firmly to the tried and tested maxim “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” as they tear through 14 tracks in a fast and furious 25 minutes.

After a well received debut single a few years back, The Scrubs have spent studio time honing their raw and urgent sound into the cohesive new LP Skulls And Dolls. Packed full of blistering Garage/Punk, this ain’t going to win prizes for pushing at musical boundaries but for fans of the genre it’s a thrill ride though familiar surroundings. What Skulls And Dolls lacks in originality is amply balanced by the sheer exuberance of the songs and the band’s obvious love of the music they play……….from the jumping album opener ‘Misery Girl’ through to the swaggering ‘This Bag Is Not A Toy’, The Scrubs ain’t shy showing off the influence of 60s Beat bands, American Garage/Psych and the Bluesy Rock n Roll of the Stones and Pretty Things have had on their sound. Check it out People, it’s a really cool record.

Skulls And Dolls is out NOW on Area Pirata Records available on CD or as a D/L from cool record stores, the usual suspects on line or direct from the label’s web site or Bandcamp page here………………..
where you can stream the album.

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