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Saturday, 30 April 2016

ULYSSES – LAW AND ORDER (Black Glove Recordings CD, D/L).

Strange things are happening in the weird and wild West Country………….hotter than a carjacked Ford Capri with a boot full of K-Tel albums, Bath/Bristol retro rockers Ulysses deliver a new album of 70s influenced quirky pop delights and to die for big riffs with what is fast becoming their own distinct sound……… a nether land between psych, glam and rock, guitar stroking and pop sheen. With a knowing wink, Ulysses have smashed together the best parts of the pre-Punk era and with a combination of influences as diverse as, amongst others, Syd Barrett, psych-era Stones, The Cars, Thin Lizzy, Hot Chocolate, Sailor, Alvin Stardust and Paul McCartney & Wings, Law And Order is a fusion of Glam Rock stompers, cocksure riffarama, Prog/Psych dexterity and radio friendly Power Pop that lovers of classic rock will go nuts over.

Stylistically Law And Order comes from the period between 1970-1975 just after 60s BritPsych had splintered into a million pieces and where once people were fair and had sky in their hair, they were more than content to boogie like they were born to it. With modern studio polish added by producer Steve Evans (Robert Plant / Siouxsie / Goldfrapp), Ulysses have successfully taken classic sounds, familiar to those of a certain age, and with a modern Psych/Prog/Rock sensibility have reworked them for a new audience. If on their last long player Ulysses brought their sassy influences to the heart of the new rock elite, this full-length effort ups the songwriting and musicianship with hi fi production and licks aplenty……..opening with the album’s title track, Ulysses mine the same rich Pop/Rock seam that bands such as Cheap Trick and the Shoes worked back in the 70s and the track 'Typical Scorpio' combines Shoes-like Power Pop with Elvis Costello & The Attractions' mid-60s pop styled new wave edge, proving that it's not all long hair and soloing. However there is lots to love for fans of heavy guitar rock with a twin axe attack, both brutal and melodic, reminiscent of the classic Robertson/Gorham Thin Lizzy line-up with ‘Come On This City’s Gone’ being a near facsimile of the song structure and distinctive duel guitar play off from the Jailbreak/Bad Reputation period. Beautifully constructed, Law And Order is a sonic smorgasbord of Seventies sounds, along with heavy Glam Rock stompers like ‘Dirty Weekend’ and ‘Smiling’, the Psychedelic Pop swirl of ‘Yellow Sunshine’ and the face melting, spleen splitting, guitar shredding album closer 'How Long', an entirely new dimension to Ulysses' repertoire is revealed with Purson's front person Rosalie Cunningham's beautiful duet on the Progressive Folk-tinged 'Song That Has To Be Sung'. Although with one foot planted firmly in the era of loon pants, tank tops, stack heels and Chopper bikes, Law And Order is not completely a retro reconstruction for people who thought the day the music died was when Never Mind The Bollocks hit the shops but a brilliant, witty, relevant record that is not afraid to show it’s influences……………………highly recommended.

Law And Order will be out on CD and Download 3rd June 2016 via Black Glove Recordings and available from all the usual outlets…………a pre-order link is coming soon, so check the Ulysses website and Facebook page for more details.


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