Monday, 31 August 2015


Strange things are happening in the Far East………..Always a hotbed of outthereness, there is currently a vibrant Japanese Psych scene with many bands making waves in the West and here is another band that look like breaking out.  A Japanese band playing Krautrock???? This certainly sounds like something that would be on a Julian Cope fantasy wish list……….The debut album from Minami Deutsch is all this and more.
Taking inspiration from the classic early 70s German bands but adding a new twist to the genre, Minami Deutsch embody the ‘Endless Straight’ motorik of Neu!, La Dusseldorf and Harmonia, yet feel very part of the here and now. From the opening track,Vocalism Ali - Forever Takemitsu’, Minami Deutsch lock into the groove with laser guided precision, tracks drone, while shimmering chimes coalesce into some sort of cosmic Ur-drone, punctuated by thuds and epic swooshes, resulting in a grand and gorgeous ambience. The hypnotic ‘ Futsu Ni Ikirenai’ is driven by a throbbing metronomic pulse…..somnolent vocals drift in and out of the mix until it all explodes into a cacophonous, fuzzed up, guitar wig out ala Moon Duo. Flip the disc and the awesome ‘Ubergleich Part 1’ kicks in………channelling Can’s ‘Mother Sky’ it hurtles along at a blistering pace, laying waste to everything in front of it until it is brought to an abrupt halt after 4 minutes, definitely a track you want to go on for at least another 10 minutes and some. ‘Ubergleich Part 2’ closes the album and again this has a massive Can vibe with rhythms that would not be out of place on Ege Bam Yasi and repetitive Damo Suzukiesque dream like vocals that ease you into a blissed out state. There is a lot to love on this record……..there is a mix of beauty and brutality that harks back to an era when some of the most innovative music from the last 50 years was coming out of small studios in Cologne and Dusseldorf and this is also an album that holds its own against the current wave of bands who have also been influenced by this period.
Released on 28th September on white vinyl, Minami Deutsch’s debut album is available to pre-order now from the Cardinal Fuzz on-line store at

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