Saturday, 29 August 2015


Strange Things Are Happening is back with a quick round up of some new and newish groovy Garage/Psych Bandcamp releases that are available for you to download for free.

First up is an absolutely fantastic EP from Moonsong (AKA Cody Nielsen from Fayetteville, Arkansas). Packed full of hook laden psychedelic ear candy, it’s an EP of gently twisted Psych Pop with echoes of early Todd Rundgren and the vibe of current records by the likes of Pond and Tame Impala.
There are five tracks of experimental but perfectly accessible, snappy 3 minute Psychedelic Pop tunes, which bring to mind A Wizard, A True Star period Rundgren, the brilliant ’Two as One’ andExpansions’ are perfect examples of this. There is also a very current, neo-psychedelic feel to this EP……’Instability’ is driven by disco drums and throbbing synthesizers and ‘Start Over’ is full of sparkling guitars, both tracks would not sound out of place on the last Pond album.
You really must give this EP a listen…..there is no excuse as it is available as a “name your price” download from the Moonsong Bandcamp page You can also find this EP on both iTunes and Spotify.

For those of you that like your psychedelia to be of a darker hue, you need to check out Revolver Mercurio by Nuvem Leopardo (a self-recorded, mainly solo project by Brazilian psychonaut Marcel Willou). It’s an intriguing blend of Mogadon laced heavy Psych and Black Sabbath inspired dense riffing that lovers of early 70s head music will enjoy.
Break out the bong and let Nuvem Leopardo drag you down into an ocean of warm fuzz, let it wash over you while you weightlessly drift. Revolver Mercurio is a proper psychedelic Stoner Rock record and deserves your attention………the tracks ‘Narcisos’,No Centro Do Sol’ and ‘Tangerina ou Romã’ are very, very heavy but also very, very heady.
You can get Revolver Mercurio from the Nuvem Leopardo Bandcamp page at where it is available as a “name your price” download.

Next up is a 3 track download from 60s Garage Rock influenced Canadian band The Tailbreakers. Very much in the mould of bands like the Allah Las, Black Angels and The Spyrals, The Tailbreakers have a great sparse, classic Garage Rock sound that you will dig if you like the Nuggets/Pebbles era bands.
There will be a full album dropping at the end of September on Ongakubaka Records which we hope we will get to hear, but in the meantime you can wrap your ears round these groovy tunes. A “name your price” download is available from The Tailbreakers Bandcamp page at

Coming to you from Negative Fun records is a 7” single by fuzzy Garage/Punk three piece Alright. Fizzing with energy this is a great little record and of the 3 tracks ‘Mixed Signals’ is no doubt the stand out track. Available as either a 7” single or a “name your price” digital download, go to their Bandcamp page at and check it out, alright!

And finally, coming out of outta Wellington, New Zealand is Beatcomber……a five piece super lo-fi garage band. Twiins is a two track single/download…..whereas the track ‘Twiins’ is seriously woozy, no-fi tune with a cool Velvet Underground vibe, ‘PsyychSafari’ is a mind-blowingly good reverb drenched, swirling organ Garage/Surf mash-up, groovy floor filler that is worth the price of admission for a “name your price” download……plus you have to admire a band that has a tambourine player. Download the tracks here

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