Wednesday, 12 August 2015


People.....this Saturday (15th August) we are back on Internet Radio for the first time for quite a while. We are doing a one-off 3hr Psych special with our showbiz chum the estimable Mr Geoffrey Leppard, resident Stoner Rock/Psych Rock cosmonaut at wunnerful We are going to have fun with this and will be playing lots of great tunes that we don't usually get chance to play out on our club nights.......we will be spinning a mix of newish Shoegaze, Psych Rock, Space Rock and other groovy psychedelic goodies....some you will know, others maybe not but we hope you will dig the show we have put together for broadcast. Don't forget to stock up on Rizla and Monster Munch.
Transmissions From The Psychedelic Basement goes out at 8pm GMT on 15.8.15 and will also be broadcast by our new friends from the USA Grip of Delusion Radio the next day. The full 3hrs goes out via on Sunday 16.8.15 at 1pm GMT, 2pm CET and 8am EST (ideal soundtrack for a psychedelic breakfast People). No worries if you miss the original broadcasts as the show will be archived and be available for listening to at a later date (will post details about this later).

The show is going to be 3hrs of continuous music lovingly mixed together by Geoff and ourselves......there are no commercials or gabbin' between tracks, so here is a full track listing for show so you can check out the bands and buy their records......
Vibracathedral Orchestra - Es Inaceptable Para Mi
Gonjasufi - Kobwebz
Cloudland Canyon - Krautwerk
Hellstorm - Cry of the Newborn
Ultimate Spinach - (Ballad of) The Hip Death Goddess
Traffic - Freedom Rider
The Amorphous Androgynous - The Emptiness of Nothingness
White Noise Sound - (In Both) Dreams and Ecstasies
Causa Sui - Mirelle
Blitzen Trapper - Stolen Shoes & a Rifle
Chatham Rise - Autopilot,
White Glow - Unreachable Hopes,
Jetman Jet Team - Rainbow Party,
White Noise Sound - There Is No Tomorrow,
The Lucid Dream - Heading For The Waves,
The Luck of Eden Hall - A Very Large Array,
Beautify Junkyards - Radioactivity,
The Besnard Lakes - 46 Satires,
Grand Rapids - Great Shakes,
The Dalai Lama Rama Fa Fa Fa - You Make Me Crazy,
Sand Pebbles - A Thousand Flowers,
White Manna - E Shara,
Verma - Sacrifice,
Cosmic Letdown - Venera 6,
The Asteroid #4 - Rukma Vimana,
Pretty Lightning - A Gift From A Bone To A Bell,
Sun Dial - North Eastern,
Grand Rapids - Blow Up,
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Anenome,
Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions - Golden Hair,
Elephant Stone - Between The Lines,
Plastic Man - North Polar Land,
The Vickers - Love You To.
Turn On, Tune Out

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