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Saturday, 2 January 2016

SUN DIAL – MIND CONTROL (Sulatron Records CD). ELECTRIC MOON – FLAMING LAKE (Sulatron Records 2 x LP, CD).

One of our favourite record labels, the German Psychedelic/Krautrock imprint Sulatron Records, closed 2015 with a couple of essential reissues from British Psych Rock legends Sun Dial and cosmic explorers Electric Moon which we have been seriously digging down in our psychedelic basement.

Sulatron Records is now the home of Sun Dial, one of the most influential Neo-Psychedelic cult bands of the last 25 years. Founded 1990 by multi-instrumentalist Gary Ramon, Sun Dial blazed a trail with their debut album Other Way Out which practically blew the doors off the universe and the impact of this record has redefined how we now see psychedelia in the 21st century. With an ever changing line up since 1990, Sun Dial have mutated and evolved over the years into the still massively influential Psych Rock/Krautrock/Space Rock juggernaut of today. There is a new record for 2016 in the pipeline and in the meantime Sulatron have reissued the 2012 Sun Dial album Mind Control for your delight and delectation. Originally released on Tangerine Records in a limited pressing of 500 copies, the album now gets a CD release with two bonus tracks taken from the original recording sessions.

With the liquid nature of Sun Dial they are difficult to tie down to a particular “sound” as over the years they explored many branches of psychedelia, including Space Rock, Acid Rock, Stoner Rock and Psych Pop………for Mind Control the producer of Other Way Out, Hugo Chavez-Smith, was back at the controls and the album is a blend of long tripping guitars, Krautrock, and electronic wizardry. It’s an album that pushes hard at the boundaries of Space Rock taking the listener to a point in the galaxy where atmospheric electronic soundscapes, motorik grooves and languid guitars converge in a molten mix of psychedelic sounds. Not many bands attempt to cover Eno period Roxy Music songs……..mainly due to the unique sound of a Sci-Fi Lounge Lizard fronting a Dadaist Rock ‘n’ Roll band from the future……but Sun Dial have made a really good attempt with a version of Roxy’s most psychedelic number ‘In Every Dream Home A Heartache’. Although ultimately flawed due to the sheer brilliance of the source material, it shows that Sun Dial have a remarkable taste for adventure and their reputation for being psychedelic music pioneers is well deserved. The two bonus tracks, ‘Seven Pointed Star’ and ‘World Within You’, fit perfectly into what is an excellent record and if you missed Mind Control on its initial release, this reissue is a great opportunity to catch up.

Originally released in 2011 and much sort after, the stunning live album Flaming Lake has now been reissued as a 2 x coloured vinyl (LP 1 is blue and LP 2 orange) and for the first time it is now available on CD. Flaming Lake is four sides of epic deep, dark psychedelic trips with Electric Moon bending time and space on a fantastic journey to the other side of the stars. With one long cosmic jam per side, Electric Moon pilot their psychedelic starship into uncharted regions of the solar system……………..all four tracks are totally mindblowing and this long awaited reissue is a must listen for all you space cadets out there.

Both records are out now and available from the Sulatron online shop at where you can also check out the other great releases from this fine record label.

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