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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

THE MADCAPS – HOT SAUCE (Howlin’ Banana Records LP, CD, D/L)

Here comes the summer…………………. More newness for 2016 as the very cool Paris based Garage/Pop/Psych label Howlin Banana Records release the 60s influenced groovy Gaelic Garage grooves of the second album by the Rennes Pop Punk/Psychedelelic Surf band The Madcaps. Inspired by American Garage Rock and English beat music of the 60s, this record has instant sunshine locked in the LP tracks which is immediately released when the needle drops. The Madcaps can brighten up the darkest days with a vibe not unlike Punky neo Psych Pop bands such as the Barracudas. Chocked full of sweet harmonies, fuzzed up guitars, fizzing bass lines and tight ‘n’ groovy drumming, The Madcaps serve up an album packed with smooth, mid-tempo, spicy tunes guaranteed to get yer hip shaking freak on at the best beach party you could ever imagine and if that is your (beach)bag then you will certainly dig Hot Sauce.

Both knowingly dumb and slightly shambling, Hot Sauce is a riot of colour and sound drawing from the classic Garage Rock tradition with every tune clocking in around the 3 minute mark, this charmingly lo-fi record will no doubt tickle the taste buds of fans of the Allah Las, Black Lips, Holy Golightly, King Tuff, The Kinks, Shannon and The Clams and Electric Prunes………………….The Madcaps greatest grooves on this record must include the lively opener ‘Something You Got’, where razor sharp, slashing guitar and squalling sax bounce off each other in a poppy, R&B tinged trip to Garageland. For pure pop thrills, ‘One More Chance’ and ‘Crack Me Up’ are two supercharged, angsty adolescent Garage Punk/Surf Rock tunes……….’Crack Me Up’ is the sound of The Buzzcocks relocated to California while ‘One More Chance’ is a swirling psychedelic surfer tune which has the feel of The Modern Lovers with a sun tan. Hot Sauce is a great fun summer record and you can picture these tunes blasting out of a transistor radio on Brighton beach sometime around 1966/67.

Released on 15/01/16, Hot Sauce is available to buy now on vinyl or CD from either the Howlin’ Banana Records or The Madcaps online shop. Alternatively the LP and CD is available from Bandcamp where you can also purchase the digital download. The Howlin’ Banana Bandcamp page is at  while you can find The Madcaps at


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