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Friday, 1 January 2016


Strange things are happening in the desert down New Mexico way…….and we don’t just mean UFO sightings. Coming outta the Albuquerque Mind-Research Lab is a very cool split 12” EP from two great local Psyche bands…….the strange and slightly twisted New Mexico psychonauts Sun Dog and Albuquerque neo-psychedelisists YOU
After a year of steady gigging, including shows with, amongst others, Orange Revival, The Myrrors and White Manna, YOU hit the studio taught and tight as you like to record three new tracks of bass heavy Psych Rock. ‘Vibe Gauging’ has a very tripped out Psych Rock meets Space Funk groove with a definite Afrobeat vibe, while the swirling, chiming guitars of ‘LOW’ is a tangled mix of Post Rock and Psychedelia. YOU’s third contribution to the EP is the excellent ‘Super Moth’, a vaguely proggy and somewhat deranged cosmic jam which rocks out with screaming guitars and a locked tight rhythm section before turning itself inside out in a hail of fuzz and distortion…….top tune. Sun Dog’s tracks are much more chaotic and psychedelic than the flip……..there is a groovy lo-fi, Beefheart blasted in the desert vibe about them. There are a couple of really great tracks on Sundog’s side of the EP where they stretch out and embrace the strange, ‘Share Your Love’ and ‘Compartmentalize’ are both the two longest tracks out of their four tunes and certainly the most psychedelic.......Sun Dog are a glorious mess of slightly wonky rhythms, searing acid guitar and tripped out abandon that's hard not to like. YOU and Sun Dog, although their approach to Psychedelic Rock is very different, perfectly complement each other. Checking out this EP is well worth the time, it's an absolute blast.

The YOU/Sun Dog split 12” EP is out now and available on randomly mixed coloured vinyl in a limited edition press of 500 copies from either the YOU Bandcamp page at or Sun Dog’s site at There is also a “name your price” download of both bands tracks from their individual Bandcamp pages so you can “try before you buy”.

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