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Saturday, 15 April 2017

BABY GURU - BABY GURU IV (Inner Ear Records LP, CD).

This has been kicking around our psychedelic basement for a while……’s taken a while to get our heads round the new Baby Guru album. We first came across Baby Guru via last years excellent Chickn album of blistering beats and scorching Acid Rock that included contributions from bassist Sir Kosmiche, vocalist/keyboard player Prins Obe and drummer King Elephant. We were expecting more of the same and were really surprised when we discovered that Baby Guru IV is an intriguing blend of Psych Pop, Prog Rock and massive Afro Rock influences…………..and it’s great.

Released on Greek Psych/Prog label Inner Ear, the fourth album from the Athens based quartet sees the band expanding their sonic pallet and embracing mutant Afrobeat along with their existing Prog/Psych influences. It’s very different to most of the stuff we get to hear and it takes a few listens for it to sink in………..However, when it clicks a whole range of sonic landscapes open up before you. There is a solid pop sensibility running through the album on which Baby Guru use as a foundation for their songs. The album’s opening track, ‘Tell Me What You’re Made Of’ is gentle, twisted psychedelia with a pure pop heart…………………..and this vibe continues right through the record with the occasional diversion into Afro Beat Disco grooves on ‘Motel Rwanda’ and ‘Bluebird Picnic’. It’s not for everybody, Baby Guru IV is far to poppy for those of you that dig mind melting Psychedelic Rock ‘n’ Roll……however if you like quirky pop tunes with a psychedelic tinge not a million miles away from bands such as XTC you are going to like this.

Baby Guru IV is out now and available directly from the Inner Ear Bandcamp page here, all the usual online stores and the more adventurous record shops.

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