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Sunday, 9 April 2017

CAUSA SUI - LIVE IN COPENHAGEN (El Paraiso Records 3 x LP Box Set, 3 x CD, D/L).

This is special……….two unique concert performances recorded Causa Sui’s home city of Copenhagen released as 3 x LP Box Set and also available as a triple CD package with bonus tracks. With excellent sound quality…………………..Both shows were recorded multitrack with an A-grade selection of mics and mixed and mastered by Jonas Munk……’s the sound of a band letting the breaks off their studio recordings and flying, turning their tunes inside out as they perform in front of an audience (a rarity in itself). It’s an absolute treat for fans of the band with 140 minutes of music recorded at the release parties of Euporie Tide & Return To Sky. 

Disc 1 is a recording of the launch party for Causa Sui’s most recent studio album Return To Sky held at Copenhagen’s avantgarde institution extraordinaire Jazzhouse, where the band run through most of the album with a scattering of tunes from earlier records. Disc 2 and 3 contains an epic set recorded in 2013 at the legendary underground venue Dragens Hule where the band played in front of a small, ecstatic crowd until the the early hours. During these three discs Causa Sui aren't merely running through classic tunes from the catalogue……..each track is explored, reinterpreted and given new life – often straying far away from its original roots with a burning energy. One minute the band is bluesy and heavy, the next they're repetitive and blissed-out or venturing into a cacophony of Albert Ayler-like sax bursts, free-form electronics and feedback. Swedish saxophone player Johan Riedenlow joins both shows and Papir guitarist Nicklas Sørensen occasionally adds his magic to the Dragens Hule set, including contributing to a towering 13-minute version of ‘Eternal Flow’, that seems to channel the energy of mid-1970s Popol Vuh, as well as a breezy cover version of Agitation Free's ‘First Communication’. It’s the sound of Psych Rock, Space Jazz, Krautrock, Post Rock and 70s Classic Rock melded into strange new shapes. ‘Ju-Ju Blues’ from the Jazzhouse set is Causa Sui at their most fuzzed out and Hendrixian, reaching new improvisational heights, whereas ‘Dawn Passage’ feels like an obvious fusion of Tame Impala and Allman Brothers. Fan-favourites ‘El Paraiso’ and ‘Red Valley’ appear here in possibly their ultimate versions. On the Dragens Hule recording the band takes Bitches Brew-era Miles Davis into a crazed vortex of spinning, squalling noise……………….’Portixeddu / Tropic Of Capricorn’ is totally far out and back again. The Dragens Hule set closes with a one time only 17-minute interpretation of John Coltrane's ”A Love Supreme” featuring both Johan Riedenlow and Nicklas Sørensen. Suffice to say it’s all brilliant and an absolute trip showcasing the sheer musicality of Causi Sai………………… shows from the band don’t happen that often, Live In Copenhagen gives us the opportunity to share these special moments.

Released on El Paraiso Records and limited to 1000 copies of each format, Live In Copenhagen is available to buy now as either a triple vinyl Box Set or a 3 x CD digipack from all good record stores and the usual on line traders…………………..but be quick as it’s selling fast.

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