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Sunday, 30 April 2017


Minneapolis Neo-Psych band Driftwood Pyre are back with an EP of new songs!! Formed by songwriters/producers Liam Watkins and Aaron James, Driftwood Pyre have been part of the Midwest's flourishing psychedelic scene since the end of 2012 playing a brand of swirling, woozy Psychedelia not a million miles away from bands such as The Black Angels, The Sonic Dawn, The Wands and the awesome Brian Jonestown Massacre. It’s been a couple of years since EXAG records released their long sold out self titled album and with a new record not due for release until later in the year, for the meantime the band have dropped the 5 track Strangeways EP for your listening pleasure.

There is no reinvention of the band’s sound, following on from the debut album’s Psych Pop sensibility, the Strangeways EP cements Driftwood Pyre’s reputation as one of the best of the new breed of American Neo-Psych bands. Kicking off with the hazy, lazy ‘Shatter Star’ a dreamy slice of Psychedelia straight outta 1967, the new EP shifts through Nuggets inspired Garage Psych of ‘Into Blue’ and the EPs title track, the dazed and tripped out ‘Protozoan’ and the fantastic driving Psych Rock of ‘The Tide’. It’s all short and as sweet as an acid laced sugarcube………….there are no epic trips to the outermost stars but sharp, tight 3 minute bursts of Psychedelic reverie. For fans of the band it’s a taster for the new album and for those of you who may have missed the debut record it’s an excellent introduction to the psychedelic world of Driftwood Pyre.

Out NOW on EXAG records, the Strangeways EP is available on CD from the label webstore and the CD and digital download can be purchased direct from the Driftwood Pyre Bandcamp site here………………….. 

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