Friday, 9 October 2015

GIOBIA – MAGNIFIER (Sulatron Records LP, CD, D/L).

More Strange Things from Italy………Coming outta Milan and heading straight to the stars are Giöbia, a Psychedelic Rock quartet inspired/influenced by the lysergic side of the ‘60s, by exotic mantras and the evocative power of Space Rock. Following the 2013 release Introducing Night Sound they are back with a new record, Magnifier, which is heavier and darker than their past records, seeing Giöbia move away from a 60s Garage Rock swirl towards a more Psych/ Space Rock sound, drawing you ever deeper into a lysergic vortex of exotic mantras and Sabbathian rituals.

“We know now that in the early years of the 20th Century, this world was being watched closely by intelligences greater than man's”…………..and with an old 30s Sci-Fi sample we kick into the opening track from Magnifier where Giöbia immediately hit the afterburners on their cosmic trip. Combing a steady motorik groove with the deep space adventures of mid 70s Hawkwind, This World Was Being Watched Closely’, hits the spot straight away and opens up the third eye wide. Like bands such as White Manna, Giöbia are taking the best elements of Psychedelic Rock and infusing them with new energy and Magnifier is a beast of a record, an Acid Rock/Space Rock hybrid that can melt minds at 100 paces………..tracks like ‘The Pond’, ‘The Stain’ and ‘Devil’s Howl’ are all heavy slabs of dark psychedelia that ooze magic mushroom bad trip paranoia. The 15 minutes plus of ‘Sun Spectre’ is epic Space Rock and a total trip……………….an intergalactic ghost ship drifting through darkest regions of space, buffeted by solar winds as it is slowly pulled into the void. Crashing back down to Earth, Magnifier closes with the psychedelic whirl of the title track where Giöbia channel Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd, an excellent end to and excellent record.

Released by Sulatron Records and housed in a cover by artist Laura Giardino, created by “scratching the twilight zone out your grandma’s wallpaper”, Magnifier is available on heavy, magenta vinyl with a first issue run of 500 copies and also on CD. Available from the Sulatron Records online store or direct from the Giöbia webstore or their Bandcamp page at where you can also purchase the digital download.


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