Saturday, 3 October 2015


The Waves first came to our attention back in May this year when we stumbled across the fantastic track ‘Drifting’ while doing a trawl through Bandcamp as part of our monthly cool freebie round up………..there are now another eleven tracks up on The Waves Bandcamp page available to download for free that you really need to check out. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, The Waves are effectively the solo project of Austin Garner (a man so completely immersed in all things psychedelic, cut him and he will bleed paisley) and he has spent the summer recording a few new tracks and remastering a fair bit of older material creating what is more or less a highly polished demo than an actual album, but the songs are of such high quality we think it deserves your attention.

In The Waves psychedelic world it’s always 1967 and all the clocks are set at 25 O’Clock. All the tracks sweat the essence of incense and patchouli oil in a psychedelic swirl of Byrdsian jangle, McCartney bass lines, backward guitars and gorgeous multi-tracked harmonies ……’s blissful acid soaked groovyness where Eastern flavours meet the far out. The major influence here seems to be mainly Revolver period Beatles mixed with a heavy dose of maximum R&B. Along with the aforementioned ‘Drifting’ there are some really cool tracks here……..’Kaleidoscope’ has the Indian vibes of a typical George Harrison Beatles song before collapsing into a squalling Garage Rock wig out and ‘I Can't Help Myself’ has the dirty R&B snarl of The Yardbirds and The Pretty Things. There is a lot to love aboutEverything Is Changing’ which starts as a no nonsense boogie tune before Austin breaks out an epic mind melting Dave Gilmour style guitar solo. It’s a bit rough and ready in parts but these songs sound great and are well worth your time if late 60s Brit Psych is your thing. Someone give this man some decent studio time to record a proper album…….it will blow minds.

This brilliant collection of totally psychedelic songs is available from The Waves Bandcamp site as a “name your price” download and there is still a cool pic of Nico on the cover.


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