Sunday, 11 October 2015


Hot on the heels of a storming performance at the Liverpool Psych Fest comes a brand new album from Dutch instrumental rock band Radar Men From The Moon. Subversive I has a darker, harder sound than the previous albums that sees RMFTM moving into a more Post Rock direction with four long, bass heavy instrumentals that also pull elements of Shoegaze, Neo-Psych, Space and Noise Rock into their orbit.

Opening with the mutant disco groove of ‘Deconstruction’, RMFTM add swathes of noise to repetitive beats that is more a dirty 80s Industrial EBM vibe more akin to bands like DAF, Meat Beat Manifesto and Nitzer Ebb rather than an interstellar exploration of new sounds. The trancelike ‘Habitual’ has the same feel with 10 minutes of sparse, pounding, relentless groove………very much in the mould of the juggernaut of noise that is Dead Sea Apes and which we have described in the past as “Industrial Space Rock”. These two tracks seem like quite a departure from the previous records but we like it. The epic ‘Neon’ is a return to the sparkle of the previous album Strange Wave Galore, after an elongated intro guitars chime over a hypnotic groove where the bass and drums are locked tight. The album closes a very New Order meets Sonic Youth sounding ‘Hacienda’ (any coincidence there??) where RMFTM explore further Post Rock soundscapes. Subversive I is a great modern psychedelic record in sense that its influences sound to be more Post Punk/Noise Rock and where the band are exploring inner space rather than outer space……..well worth a listen for fans of Heavy Psych/Stoner Rock.

Subversive I is another quality Fuzz Club vinyl release, however at time of writing the original press of 400 copies has sold out and also the very limited Deluxe edition has gone. We suggest you check their website to see if there will be a second pressing. However if you can live without the vinyl, you can get hold of a “name your price” digital download freebie from the RMFTM Bandcamp page at 

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