Tuesday, 27 October 2015


We have been having a quick look around Bandcamp in order to unearth some more “name your price” goodies that we feel are worth your while checking out. We have found four albums/EPs which we would like to bring to your attention.

First up is Seattle’s X Suns (pronounced as “Ten Suns”) who have recently released their third EP of melodic Post-Rock instrumentals. It’s difficult to pin X Suns down to a specific genre as on this EP they shift from the very heavy rifftastic ‘You’ve Been Asleep’ which is more metal than anything else, through the more Mogwai/Explosions In The Sky influenced tracks ‘Monosaurus’ and ‘Skull Breach’ to the full on Space Rock meltdown of ‘Death Perception’. This is certainly well worth a listen if bands like Radar Men From The Moon are your thing.

This EP is available from the X Suns Bandcamp page as either a “name your price” download or on CD.

Also coming outta Seattle are the very cool Psych-Poppers the New Cardinals who’s debut EP is out now. Bedroom psychonauts guitarist Peter Tilton and bass/keyboards player Sam Rice have beautifully crafted four inspired modern psychedelic pop songs that take bands like Tame Impala and Pond as their jump on point for their muse but add their own distinctive twist. Opening with the very poppy ‘Window Days’, the New Cardinals have tapped into a rich seam of psychedelia that lovers of classic early 70s Prog/Psych will dig but it won’t freak out the indie kids. ‘Let's Talk’ is a fantastic track full of swirling keyboards and choppy guitar and most definitely the stand out track here with its 70s proggy vibe. Closing with the lush ‘Tomorrow Waiting’ the New Cardinals EP is jam packed with ambitious ideas which are not quite matched by the quality of the recording technology that they currently have available………but they are certainly one to watch, check ‘em out people.

The New Cardinals EP is available as a “name your price” download at

Hailing from Helsinki, The Chaotic Maps (AKA Finnish Psych-Head Mikko Antero Kapanen and friends) seek inner paths to outer space and if slightly deranged, acid drenched psychedelia is your bag then you really need to look no further than their three track download Contactee. The Chaotic Maps brand of twisted Psych is starting to be noticed……..they have already contributed a track to the excellent Active Listener Nuggets II Revisited compilation……however we are a bit late to the party here as this was released back in April, but better late than never.

The title track, ‘Contactee (A Hundred And Eight Dave Davies Charms)’ is a fantastic Pop Psych tune and a tribute to the great Dave Davies from the Kinks……. It’s a 3 minute blast of razor sharp, Garagey goodness that the man himself is impressed by. There is no doubt an early Zappa/Fugs influence on the strange but beautiful ‘Are You Fucking Serious?!’ and ‘Ego Death Row’ has a wonderful Brian Jonestown Massacre vibe about it. This is a brilliant little EP which deserves your attention……….check it out People.

Contactee is available to download as a “name your price” purchase from the Chaotic Maps Bandcamp page at and keep ‘em peeled for any further releases from this great new band.

And finally……..the Zodiac Panthers……..If you like your Rock n Roll dirty and ferocious then this Garage/Punk duo from North Carolina are the band you have been waiting for. Comprising of duo Johnny Yeagher and Angela Yeagher in a (now) classic stripped down guitar & drums combination, the Zodiac Panthers are a brutal, intense primal force akin to the Ramones (the ultimate Garage band) and the 60s Nuggets bands coming round your house and kicking the windows in. There are seven tracks on the Zodiac Panthers debut (including a cover of the Third Bardo’s ‘I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time’), all clocking in around the 2 minute mark that are full of Garage Rock energy and snarling attitude………it’s great stuff.

Available now as a “name your price” download from the Zodiac Panthers Bandcamp page at

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