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Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Collecting together choice cuts from his two most recent EPs on vinyl for the first time, Holy, Holy, Holy is the second album from Samsara Blues Experiment's Christian Peters as his sonic shaman alter-ego Surya Kris Peters. Heavily influenced by early 70s Krautrock and experimental electronic/progressive music from the same era, Holy Holy Holy channels the Kosmische sounds of Manuel Göttsching and Popol Vuh with the more challenging early works of electronic music pioneers Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre. Far more contemplative and meditative than his work with the Psych/Blues juggernaut the Samsara Blues Experiment, most of the tracks are  synth-ladden spectral soundscapes which can be seen as the centre piece of Chris Peters newer solo works.……………apart from the title track of the Schorfheide Blues EP which is a massive curve ball straight outta leftfield which is more Moby Grape than Tangerine Dream and sounds like an escapee from the Josh Homme guided Desert Sessions album.

Side one of the album is taken up with tracks from the Schorfheide Blues EP and are a mix of relatively short Krautrock/Electronica pieces (with the exception of the aforementioned bluesy rock out title track) with tracks such as the Eno-esque ambiance of ‘Leise Versprechen’, the bubbling analogue pulse of early Tangerine Dream on ‘Tanz der Wasserläufer’ and the imaginary film music of ‘Soirée à Lunéville’. The whole of side two is filled with one epic piece of Cosmic music taken  the excellent Modular Mono Logic EP……….. ‘Modular Mono Logic Part 1 : Gong Zong / Rumba Elektronika / All-Ein-Sein’ is a 20 minute modular synthesizer jam which gently ebbs and flows as it builds through three separate phases. It’s a track influenced by classic Krautrock that fans of Manuel Göttsching/Ash Ra should really dig.

Distributed by World In Sound, Holy, Holy, Holy by Surya Kris Peters is due for release mid January 2017 on Electric Magic records. Available in a limited edition run of 200 copies on black vinyl housed in a silkscreened sleeve there is no information yet available about pre-orders so keep ‘em peeled. In the meantime the original EPs that the tracks on Holy Holy Holy are taken from are available as “name your price” digital downloads for you to check out from the Electric Magic Bandcamp site here

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