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Friday, 25 November 2016

THE BONE MACHINE - SOTTO QUESTO CIELO NERO (Area Pirata Records/Billy’s Bones Records LP+CD, CD, D/L).

Outta the swamp and straight to your heart……………..from the home of Italian Garage Rock, Area Pirata Records, comes a brand new album from The Bone Machine, a three man wrecking crew playing electrifying, amped up, primitive Psychobilly/Rockabilly, Garage Rock and Punk Rock Blues. Who are these mystery men??? With their true identities hidden behind Mexican wrestlers masks, they answer only to the names Jack Cortese (guitar, vocals), Big Daddy Rott (double bass) and Black Macigno (drums), Bone Machine emerged from the primordial ooze in 1999 playing the dirtiest Rock ‘n’ Roll this side of Satan’s pit of fire. Imagine The Cramps in the grip of a psychotic episode, a twisted Johnny Burnette Trio on acid, zombie Elvis from beyond the grave and Fred Hammond possessed by the spirit of Jack the Ripper, then you come close to the experience of a wild ride with The Bone Machine. With lyrics in Italian telling half hallucinated visionary tales of demons, alcohol, sex and zombies, it has been said that “listening to The Bone Machine is like smoking marijuana from a plant that has it’s roots in Hell”. With an extensive discography from 17 years of recording which includes several singles, EPs and tracks on compilations, their new album Sotto Questo Cielo Nero (Under This Black Sky) is the fifth full length release from the band with their dynamic sound expanded with the addition of violin , organ , harmonica , sax and piano accompanying The Bone Machine’s “back to basics” guitar, bass and drums on several of the new songs. It’s primal Rock ‘n’ Roll at its best.

Mixing together the Rockabilly sleaze of The Cramps and pre-Nuggets Garage Rock with Voodoo Blues and an image that takes in everything from Weird Tales monster comix to Hot Rods and pneumatic devil girls, The Bone Machine are Lucifer’s very own bar band, hanging out in the same disreputable Juke Joints as the Jim Jones Review, The Birthday Party, the Detroit Cobras, the Gories and the MC5. The album opens with ‘Rock’n’Roll o Morte’ (‘Rock'n'Roll or Death’) whose beginning is a brief tribute to the late 50s tune, ‘Rock’n’Roll Guitar’, by Johnny Knight before plunging into a wild Rock ‘n’ Roll Rollercoaster ride through 13 tracks of the most thrilling music you will of heard all year. If there have to be stand out songs picked, they would have to be the madcap ‘Noi Siamo Zombies’ and ‘L'uomo Gorilla’, the Bluesy instrumental ‘Corsa All'inferno’, the Farfisa and fuzz Garage Rock of ‘Nella Fredda Terra’ and the sleazeball Rock ‘n’ Roll number ‘Un Altro Sorso Di Veleno’. If manic Rock ‘n’ Roll thrills are your thing, then you really can’t go wrong with The Bone Machine.

Sotto Questo Cielo Nero by The Bone Machine is out NOW and is a joint release from Area Pirata Records and Billy’s Bones Records………………available as a limited edition vinyl release (300 copies) c/w the CD from the Area Pirata webstore and Bandcamp site here............. where you also buy the CD (limited to a 1000 copies) and the digital download.
Also, the LP and CD are available directly from The Bone Machine online store with the CD and download waiting for you at their Bandcamp page  Rock’n’Roll o morte!!!!!!!!

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